Precision pruning – the perfect size

Precision pruning

There is not one perfect sized tool that fits all jobs for precision pruning. However, Wilkinson Sword, with over a century of cutting knowledge, knows just how to provide what gardeners require, which is why it has produced a new Precision Pruner Twin Pack to give gardeners the exact tool they need to get the work done. With total precision.

Precision pruning

The new twin pack contains two pruners in one set. The first pair uses a bypass blade and the other set uses a straight edge. Each has its own particular purpose. A six mm cutting diameter makes these Precision Pruning tools the ideal choice for those with more delicate hands. Wilkinson Sword place intricacy as a priority gardener’s need, ensuring precision pruning.

The bypass blade is the perfect tool when pruning flowers, it’s also brilliant for general pruning when a delicate touch is needed. Alternatively, for more intricate work such as dead heading in dense flowering shrubs where a harder cut is needed, without causing damage to neighbouring plants, then the straight blade pair are the better choice. These are easy to use in thick bush where the head can be cut without knocking other flowers.

Both pruners are light in weight having a cast aluminium make up and soft touch non-slip grip handles for ultimate comfort. They also have high quality blades that operate using a smooth spring action which opens and closes the pruners to stop strain on hands, allowing you to prune for longer! They also have a central safety catch when carrying them about or storing.

There absolutely is something for all gardeners in the Wilkinson Sword set of garden tools, and every one has the reassuring Wilkinson Sword ten year warranty.

The Precision Pruner Twin Packs costs £19.99 and is available to purchase from all garden centres as well as via

You can also find Wilkinson Sword Tools on Twitter @WSGardenTools and follow them on Facebook by searching for Wilkinson Sword Garden Tools.

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