Plants That Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing


A little bird song, bees or butterflies floating by, the light breeze on your skin, the warmth of the sunshine on your face – there’s no denying that gardening good for the soul. In fact, with a few deep breaths, it is hard to remember why you felt so stressed.

Increasingly absorbed in the digital world, we turn to technology for news, entertainment, hobbies and even social interaction, unknowingly isolating ourselves more than ever before. It is no wonder that we start to feel that we are missing something, feel low and turn inward.  

To help ease the worries and tensions of day-to-day life, the experts at Rhino Greenhouses Direct take a look at some of the best plants and herbs for improving happiness, whilst giving some insight into how you can make the most of your gardening experience.

Plants & Herbs That Improve Happiness and Wellbeing

There are a number of plants and herbs that are scientifically proven to improve your happiness and wellbeing. From aroma to an ability to rid the air of harmful toxins, here’s a few of our favourites:


Lavender is well renowned for helping us sleep, with a number of sleep-related products including the herb, but did you know that it is also proven to improve your mood too? Floral scents like lavender help to make you feel happier and can actually have a calming effect on your emotions. Lavender is proven to help you ease anxious feelings, so pairing this with the soothing nature of gardening, and you’re onto a winner.

Why not grow your own and reap multiple health benefits? Whilst shop-bought products are easily accessible, there’s nothing quite like the real thing, and lavender is extremely easy to look after and grow.


With its ability to vastly improve your mood, much like it improves almost any recipe you add it to, Basil is a must if you’re looking for a plant that’s sure to have you happy in no time. Basil contains linalool, the component that gives the herb its distinct and pleasant aroma, which is proven to have a number of positive effects on the body.

You can secure yourself a basil seed starter kit for less than £10 and start experiencing the benefits it brings in just a few months!

Spider Plants

If you’re short on outdoor space, you may be looking for an indoor plant to sit alongside your working setup. In which case, Spider Plants should be at the top of your list. Spider Plants have been proven to be an extremely efficient cleanser of air, with tests showing that the plant is capable of removing up to 90% of potentially cancer-causing chemical formaldehyde from the air. Not only will this plant make you happier, but it’ll also make you much healthier!

Low maintenance and easy to grow, Spider Plants are ideal for gardening novices. Thanks to their cascading long leaves, they’re ideal for use in vertical spaces around your home.


Geraniums are well known for having a positive impact on the nervous system. Brewing the leaves of this plant produces a tasty tea that has soothing properties, balancing hormones that cause stress and anxiety. Not only is this plant perfect for making genuinely effective teas, its rich and warming aesthetic is complemented by a mild scent that promotes peace of mind.

Suitable to be grown both in and outdoors, this versatile plant offers you plenty of options. Whether you want to make use of Geraniums as a fantastic centrepiece for your bedding plants, or want to place it pride of place in your living room window, the choice is up to you! They simply require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day and need to be protected from the cold where possible.

How To Get The Most From Your Gardening Therapy

Now that you have a good idea of the types of plants and herbs that are sure to maximise your happiness and wellbeing, it’s essential that you know how to get the most from your gardening time.

Use all your senses – Allow yourself time to notice your garden – the sights, sounds, smells… and recognise how it makes you feel. The best time to ‘smell the roses’ is just before dusk. This is when the scent from your garden is strongest, having been warmed all day by the sun.

Grow flowers that attract wildlife or put up a bird feeder. Tune into the calming chips of our UK songbirds, a sound we often take for granted.

Throw off the gloves – Evidence suggests that the physical feeling of touching soil and plants releases Serotonin – our happy hormone and our body’s natural anti-depressant. Our world is becoming ever more sterile, but a little dirt actually boosts your body’s immune system, keeping bugs at bay.

Being outside, also kick starts your body into producing more vitamin D; great for bone strength. And of course, your physical strength is bound to improve too.

Unplug – Get away from any distractions when gardening. Leave your phone or tablet in the house and take yourself out of the digital world for an hour or three. It’s essential to really take some time out of your day-to-day grind if you want to reap the mental rewards from gardening.

Immersing yourself in a natural environment automatically influences our mood, instinctively helping you relax, de-stress and perhaps restore a missing inner peace. Take to your garden and take a little time for yourself.

This article was provided by the team from Rhino Greenhouses Direct, a Norfolk-based greenhouse manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in all things gardening.

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