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Pigeon plague!

One of the main aims of adding a stream water feature to my garden was to try and bring in more birds.
I am pleased to report that it has been a great success, attracting many different birds for a quick bath, especially in the heat. I have even had to dig out my British Birds book to refresh my meagre knowledge of the names of some of our feathered visitors.
One bird that I didn’t have to look up however was the pigeons. Lot’s of pigeons. In fact two of the cheeky birds have upgraded themselves from ‘visitors’ to ‘residents’ without my approval. Having at first been quite annoyed that the nests were preventing me from keeping my Cotinus tree and hedges neat, I have now taken on the role of proud Grandparent since the eggs have hatched, even forgiving them for destroying my brassicas last year.
Of course the reality is that pigeons are a pest that not only carry disease but also aerially bomb every bit of garden furniture they can find. I’d rather not have them in the garden but under the 1980s countryside act they are as untouchable as the pope.
I have also noticed a lot more nesting pigeons in client’s gardens than I would normally expect. It’s made me wonder what other creatures have found this year’s hot conditions beneficial and are waiting in the wings to be a nuisance next year


  1. I have never found pigeons to be a nuisance or a pest. They are beautiful creatures, they care so well for one another and their young. They are part of the diversity of our ecosystem and we are better off for it in a climate crisis.

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