Pick up a ‘Party Time’, the snack sensation

Cucumbers are making a comeback and they have never been so versatile!  From pickling types to salad varieties and even Asian ones used for cooking, these cucurbits really are the veg du jour! 

A tasty treat
So useful and delicious is our brand new variety, that you can use it in a whole host of tasty treats…no wonder it is called ‘Party Time’!  Obviously, this little green party animal is lush in a salad, smoothie, summer soup or dip, but it is so rinky-dinky that it will fit in your lunchbox for snacking too!

Easy to grow!
Cucumber ‘Party Time’ is an easy to grow, all-female parthenocarpic “snack-type” producing three or four delicious fruits at every node every few days. It has excellent resistance to powdery mildew and performs across a range of climates, but is best grown in an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel in Northern Europe.

How many?!!!
This is one of the most prolific snack cucumbers the team have seen, with an outstanding level of resistance to powdery and downy mildew. One of the Burpee Europe trials yielded 43 fruits per plant weighing 75 grams each.  Up to 5 fruit per node. Truly astonishing!

Where to buy seeds
Cucumber ‘Party Time’ seeds are available from: 
Simply SeedGrow SeedOwls Acre Seeds Pennard Plants and available soon from Plants of Distinction


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