Pest control for Christmas?  No, we’re not kidding

Granted, this is probably the most unlikely Christmas gift idea of 2019 – but scientists at BASF are unrepentant.

If you want to give your green-fingered loved ones the gift of a green garden, and a clean green conscience, give them Nemasys nematodes.

Nematodes are microscopic creatures – over a million different species exist on our planet and they’re invisible to the naked eye.  In Littlehampton, Sussex, BASF grows special varieties at the UK’s only nematode factory. Each Nemasys variety targets a different form of garden pest: such as slugs, leather jackets, vine weevils and ants. There is even a nematode variety created specifically for fruit and vegetable pests, making it perfect for gardeners who are passionate about ‘grow your own’.

Nematodes attack the pest by entering natural body openings, releasing bacteria which quickly and safely kill it. The nematodes then reproduce inside the dead pest and release a new generation of hungry nematodes, which disperse and search for further prey.

The process is 100 per cent organic and nematodes are easy to distribute (just add them to water and sprinkle). There are no chemicals involved and no mess as nematodes eat their prey and then die off. Gardeners can tackle pests effectively and have a perfectly safe garden for animals and children.


As Nemasys nematodes are live creatures, they need to be kept refrigerated and used within three days.

Green Gardener, an online shop which specialises in green pest control, sells complete Nemasys pest-control programmes, so you can pre-order an entire green season. Packets of your chosen pest-control nematode will arrive by post once a week for six weeks, starting week commencing 2 March 2020.

For a green gift that keeps on giving, pre-order Nemasys Nemaslug. Programme costs start at £38 for a 40 square metre garden and rise to £149 for a 100 square metre garden. Nemasys programmes also exist to tackle vine weevils and other garden pests.

To view the complete Nemasys range, visit the Green Gardener website,

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