Patio Store

The Patio Store and Outdoor Cupboards from The Posh Shed Company are ideal accessories for keeping your garden tidy, whilst providing convenient storage space, even in limited spaces.
Measuring a compact 1.1m wide by 1.8m high by 0.6m deep and featuring an internal shelf and tool rack, the Patio Store is the perfect place to leave dirty outdoor clothing and any other bits and bobs before entering the house.
With its Gothic shaped door, wavy facia and wooden cedar shingles roof, the design is not just practical but beautiful as well. The store is also available in a range of colours meaning that it will complement any garden scheme.
The Outdoor Cupboards come in two different sizes – the large double size, which measures 2.1m high by 1.6m wide by 0.5m deep, and the small single size measuring 2.2m high by 0.8m wide by 0.5m deep. The Outdoor Cupboard is a wonderful way to store muddy wellies, clothing and gardening tools without taking up too much essential garden space.
The cupboard is hand-crafted from the highest quality FSC timber and treated in Sadolin classic timber protection in Volcanic Ash and fits snugly against any house or garden wall. It is finished with a felt shingle roof and black furniture, and features an internal shelf and hook rack.
“Our Outdoor Cupboards and Patio Stores allow homeowners to keep any outdoor items out of their clean homes whilst keeping their garden looking stylish and tidy. Our range of stores are suited for all types of family, with different sizes available so that even outdoor toys can be neatly stored out of sight,” said Richard Frost, CEO of The Posh Shed Company.

For further information about The Posh Shed Company and its range of wooden sheds and garden accessories please visit or call 01544 387101.


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