Own an iconic piece of Chelsea Flower Show artwork created by world-famous artist

Chelsea Flower Show artwork

The auction for a limited-edition piece of artwork from the RHS 2018 Chelsea Flower Show is now live.

The world-famous flower show took place in May and at the heart of the Great Pavilion sat Kieron Williamson, a 15 year old art phenomenon whose work has sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds, despite his young age.

Chelsea Flower Show artwork

Kieron is one of the world’s most sought after professional young artists with a global waiting list of art enthusiasts that eagerly look forward to his next masterpiece. His first painting sold for a phenomenal £14,000 when he was just six years old; he has featured extensively on worldwide television, websites and in newspapers and his work has been secured for many prestigious private collections, including Royalty.

Kieron latest masterpieces were created at the Chelsea Flower Show having been commissioned by Hillier Nurseries to capture scenes from its “Stihl Inspiration” garden. Hillier, which holds the world record for having the most consecutive gold medals in the history of the show, received its 73rd gold medal at this year’s Chelsea and has now launched the auction to raise proceeds for its charity partner, Wessex Cancer Trust.

Kieron has created two paintings which are part of the charity auction. “Lupins at Chelsea” is the young artist’s depiction of a scene from the garden which he painted on press day of the show whilst being watched by visitors exploring the Hillier garden. His second piece, entitled “Blue Waves and Goldrush” focuses on the stars of the Hillier 2018 garden, Eryngium ’Blue Waves’, which was one of the new plants launched by the company at this year’s show and was subsequently runner up in the Plant Of The Year competition, alongside Hydrangea aspera ‘Gold Rush’ which Hillier also launched at the show.

Each piece has been valued by Picturecraft Gallery in Holt in Norfolk where Kieron’s next exhibit will be held in July, and bidding will start at £3,995.

Discussing the partnership with Hillier, Kieron commented: “Working with Hillier has been fantastic. I was so inspired by the Stihl Inspiration garden that it was hard to choose what to paint! I chose to paint the area that had the most colour diversity. The two new plants offered contrasting shape colour and form, and provided their own challenges due to their own colour-changing qualities. I love painting the outdoors and nature scenes so being part of the Chelsea Flower Show was an experience I’m never going to forget!”

George Hillier, Head of Property at Hillier and one of the fifth generation of Hillier family members to be involved in the business, said: “Kieron is such an amazing talent. It was fascinating watching him painting at the show, he certainly pulled in a crowd and people were amazed by him. We’re delighted to be working with Kieron to offer people the chance to own his next piece of artwork, not to mention something from the Chelsea Flower Show gold medal world record holders!”

Wessex Cancer Trust, based in the south of England, helps and supports anyone affected by a cancer diagnosis – regardless of age, gender or type of cancer they have – during diagnosis, treatment, recovery, remission or end life.

To view the auction please visit www.hillier.co.uk/chelsea-auction.


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