National Allotment Week runs from 14th – 20th August
The popularity of allotments remains high, with the waiting-list across the country currently at around 100,000. In fact, between 2009 and 2012, the National Trust created 1,200 new allotments on their land, which are now “buzzing with activity” *.

For those of us lucky enough to have bagged themselves a plot, one of the main issues, after deciding what to grow, will be how to control all of the different types of pest that may be present. Nemasys Fruit and Vegetable Protection has the solution to many of the most voracious pests in just one product. The product contains a variety of species of beneficial nematodes, which are naturally occurring microscopic animal organisms that act as natural pest controls.

Each nematode species controls a different type of pest, with the Fruit and Vegetable Protection containing species to control carrot root fly, cabbage root fly, leather jackets, cut worms, onion fly, sciarid fly, caterpillars, gooseberry sawfly, trips and codling moth… so that’s most pests covered!

If slugs are an issue, and it is more than likely that they are, Nemaslug is the answer. Slugs continue to be an ongoing frustration for gardeners, topping the RHS’ annual list of worst garden pests for the past seven out of 10 years. One application of Nemaslug will provide up to six weeks control of all common species of small to medium sized garden slugs.

Reiterating the importance of allotment holders, BASF, the manufacturer of nematodes, is currently conducting a consumer based trial in conjunction with the National Allotment Association (NSALG) with the aim of understanding more about the needs of its customers, and changing preconceptions about nematodes.

A major benefit of the Nemasys range is that it can be used with absolutely no side effects or harm to children, pets or non-target species such as birds or hedgehogs, making it ideal for anyone who is concerned about keeping their allotment productive, without violating their organic values, or having to buy multiple types of protection.

The Nemasys range is as easy to use as watering the garden and can, if desired, be used in conjunction with other pest and weed control measures.


You can follow Nemasys on Twitter @BASF_Nemasys_UK and find them on Facebook by searching for @BASF.Nemasys.UK
All Nemasys products are available online.
* https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/allotments-and-growing-spaces


  1. It´s the first time I read about controlling pest biologically. This is a great advancement for attacking this issue. VEry good information!

  2. The article is very informative and some really good points on how to control your pests in a natural way. I always look for products which will not be harmful to my pets so I am definitely buying Nemaslugs. I have started to grow plants and in the process of creating a garden and this will be helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the idea of these pest controls all in one product. That really makes application so much easier. I can’t wait to see all my vegetables growing!

  4. This is a very effective pest control method. I like the fact that it utilizes the natural microscopic animals in pest control. I would recommend this to any gardener and probably will.

  5. Slugs have been a problem in my garden. I have been hesistant to use other products because of the potential side effects that can harm my children. Luckily, I found this article and I am definitely trying Nemaslugs.

  6. Slugs are super creepy, plus they are a huge annoyance for gardens. I have encountered them before, but usually i will just take a paper and pull them out to throw. This product is worth the try I suppose.

  7. Pest is a big problem for your plants and farms. Thanks for having a review about Nemaslugs because it solves one of the big problems of farmers. If I will have a garden before, I will have Nemaslugs too.

  8. This article is really helpful especially for people who are has a problem dealing with slug infestation. Thanks for recommending a good brand to us.

  9. Thanks for recommending Nemasys. Getting rid of pests is really hard because they can easily reproduce. Seeing your review about this product really helps.

  10. Slugs are one of the common problems in the Garden and I’m glad to hear that they have a product especially created for it – Nemaslugs

  11. Pest control is important to grow health crops. National allotment week is far more important that most people might think. It brings about mass awareness for these important issues. Thanks for sharing and educating us!



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