On Course For Healthy Lawns With The ‘Lawn Association’ 


The Lawn Association team have been offering their online lawn care course to home and professional gardeners since January of this year and there have been many happy customers!

The aim of the Level 1 Course  has been to provide an easy way of establishing an essential foundation of lawn care knowledge and skills.  It also offers ideas for the best modern sustainable lawn care techniques and helps to clear up many of the confusing myths centred around looking after lawns.

The testimonials below offer an insight into how well the course has been received by those who have taken it:

I recently completed the Lawn Association online course and it’s been a real eye opener for me. In particular it makes a compelling case for the use of fescues and bents when so many other sources are pushing dwarf rye grasses, anyway long story short, if there is anyone who hasn’t taken the plunge and bought into the Lawn Associations online course I’d urge you to take a look – for the price of a bag of fertiliser it’s well worth the money!’ Jonathan G 

Really good course, I’ll definitely will be recommending to others and my staff’ Natalie M 

Highly comprehensive and I have added so much knowledge to my 15 years of experience, thank you Lawn Association’ Lee H

To find out how you can sign up for the course and to see all the topics that are covered go to: https://lawnassociation.org.uk/online-lawn-care-course-lawn-association/

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