Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic animal organisms that act as natural pest controls, with each species having its own target prey. A vast range of nematodes are already present in the soil, but these tend to be at either such low levels that they are of no benefit to the gardener, or they are the wrong species of nematode to act as a pest control.

Nematodes grown by BASF are able to boost the population in the soil, harnessing and replicating what is already happening naturally in nature, without upsetting the delicate balance of the environment. Nurturing nematodes means nurturing the garden and surrounding wildlife.

To raise awareness of this biological method of pest control, BASF is launching the first ever ‘Nurture Your Nematodes Day’, on 15th May. This social media based event will consist of hourly posts throughout the day including interesting / fun facts about nematodes and the pests that they attack, as well as guest posts from bloggers and journalists and competitions to give away products. There will also be an exclusive first view of the new BASF factory tour video – a fascinating insight into how nematodes are grown in a state of the art facility.

Use the hashtag #NurtureYourNematodes to get involved!


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