No matter the gardening task, Town & Country has the footwear for you

Just as there is the right tool for every task, the same too can be said for footwear, and Town & Country has just that!

Whether gearing up to jet wash a patio, prepping for the first mow of the year or having a general clear up of the garden, Town & Country has got everyone’s feet covered to provide maximum comfort and practicality, no matter the job at hand.

Mower at the ready

Spring is the time to start mowing the lawn again, and this calls for lightweight footwear, which provides strength and durability to allow for comfortable mowing for extended periods of time. The Original Full Length Wellington Boot from Town & Country is made from a lightweight PVC material with a cushioned sole for extra comfort, and a reinforced seam for stability. As the boots are waterproof and full length, there is no need to worry about the mess that may come from the excess grass, keeping legs and feet dry. The high grip tread also provides underfoot security to reduce the risk of slipping.

 Whisk away those weeds

Weeding is an ongoing task that requires continual maintenance. A great option for this task are the Burford Wellington boots, as the lightweight PVC allows for  easy movement and flexibility when bending up and down. The high-quality material will avoid splits, easily withstanding the ongoing task of weeding. The boots feature an easy pull-on tab so it will only take a second to pop them on and ensure feet are receiving maximum comfort and protection, rather than the annoyance of ruining your ordinary shoes.

Jet washing for a perfect patio

Jet washing can be a messy job, but it’s important to get patios spruced up after winter. Suitable footwear is essential to avoid sodden shoes and feet, though! The Buckingham Wellington boots are multi-seasonal providing complete comfort in extreme conditions – including when under fire from a jet wash! The high grip tread will help prevent slips on wet surfaces and the neoprene leg provides a snug fit so that water can’t sneak inside.

 Pottering and planting

Everyone needs a pair of shoes to keep by the backdoor to slip on for a quick potter, to take out the bins, to bring in the washing… the list goes on! Town & Country has the perfect shoe to keep close by for when these tasks crop up – the Eva Cloggies are cushioned, comfortable and lightweight with the ideal slip on and slip off design. Durable and waterproof, they are the ultimate shoe for pottering and planting in. Another option is the Buckingham Shoe, made with natural neoprene to keep feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The ribbed tread provides secure grip and the cushioned insole provides comfort when walking.

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