New seeds for 2022

Burpee Europe wish you a very happy 2022!  It may be grey, cold and raining outside, but who cares when there is such a wondrous jamboree of cheerfully-bright, new varieties that can be sown and grown this year!
The Burpee team have to admit they have a bit of a crush on the first selection of new toms they are sharing with you today…and we don’t think any gardener or fan of the Love Apple will resist the charms of the ‘Crush’ varieties either! 
The warm and wet summer last year, once again highlighted the value of our blight-resistant tomato range, which has been expanded for 2022. ‘Crimson Crush’ has continued to perform exceptionally well in the UK and was recently recommended by Which? Gardening as a salad tomato with excellent flavour and garden performance.

These super blight-resistant tomatoes have previously been exclusive to only a handful of seed companies, but are available from many more this year. 

Crimson Crush
Was developed in Yorkshire and tested at Bangor University for proven high levels of blight resistance alongside delicious flavour. Suitable for outdoor growing in most European climates from the UK to the Czech Republic.

Rose CrushHas been selected for its pink colour and outstandingly balanced flavour of umami, sweetness, and acidity. ‘Rose Crush’ is highly blight-resistant and produces a good yield of medium-large beefsteak fruit.
Cocktail Crush
Is the smaller-fruited and sweeter sister line to ‘Crimson Crush’, with a complex tangy finish when eaten. We call it our blight-resistant ‘Ailsa Craig’ — the classic salad tomato with great flavour.

Go on…admit it…you are starting to get enamoured too with our three flirty fruity fillies, aren’t you?!!!

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