NEW PRODUCT: The Firefly helps keep small greenhouses frost free

Sub-zero temperatures are the traditional enemy of delicate greenhouse plants – but now there’s a cost-conscious and environmentally friendly way to keep Jack Frost at bay.

The Firefly, from the gardening experts at Bio Green, is a decorative frost guard made from terracotta. Its heat source is an eco-friendly candle – made from biomass not paraffin – which burns for up to 48 hours and produces enough heat to keep a small greenhouse or cold frame above freezing.

The Firefly both saves energy costs and makes an attractive addition to a greenhouse.

Bio Green’s Matt Evans said: “Keeping frost at bay is a perennial issue for gardeners. In 2010 the UK experienced an astonishing 90 days below freezing. Whilst we can’t predict what the winter will bring, it makes sense to be prepared and this pretty and affordable frost guard really does the trick.”

The Firefly’s mushroom-shaped lid stores heat from the candle so that scented oils, when poured into its integral glazed bowl, can be heated by the candle below.

The Firefly weighs just 2KG and can also be used in any room in the house to burn essential oils.


Price:  £29.99

Stockist information: purchase online from


  1. Where is this available, please? I can’t find it anywhere, even on Bio Green’s website.

  2. Hi Juanita,
    I’ve tried calling the German head office and they gave me the number of the UK distributor but unfortunately they are not answering. I’ll try going to the PR agent and add a link to the post should I get a sales url.
    Regards Leslie

  3. Hi I am the UK Sales Manager for Biogreen, can I help ?

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