New Garden Tool Rack stores more tools than any other on the market claims small Welsh manufacturer

  ­As spring approaches, keen gardeners up and down the country are looking forward to tending their gardens after the long winter break. If you are one of them, sorting out your garden tools is a job that you’ll want to do before the new planting season kicks off in spring.
A small company, who design and make all their products from a converted barn in North Wales, has produced a new wall mounted garden tool rack. It stores between 30 or 40 large and heavy garden tools in just 1M of wall space in a shed or garage. They believe it stores more tools in less space than anything else on the market.
The key to the design is the fact that tools are stored one behind the other on each hook. That means you could have seven or eight spades, shovels, garden forks and other tools on just one hook. The 1 metre long rail, which bolts to the wall, can be fitted with 3 or 5 of these hooks to hold up to 40 tools. That’s 5 or 10 times as many tools as separate hooks or racks that store implements one deep. The tools you use the most, naturally migrate to the front of the rack.
The rail is made from galvanised mild steel and is powder coated in a choice of 8 colours to prevent corrosion. Each hook is made from 8mm thick galvanised steel bar and will support up to 20 kilos. That’s enough for a whole row of heavy hand tools as well as things like a chain saw, hedge trimmer and even a lawn mower. The hooks can be fitted anywhere on the rail, and moved up, down and sideways, with just an Allen key.
The completed racks are designed to be very heavy duty, and to be used on a daily basis, indoors or outdoors. They come with a Lifetime Warranty so if anything ever breaks the company will replace the part, or the whole rack, free of charge.
All the racks are built to order in North Wales. The 3 hook version for 20 tools costs £53.60. The 5 hook version is £64.50.
The racks have already been used by private gardeners as well as landscape gardeners, arborists, gardening contractors, stately homes, public gardens and county councils.
The full range of GearHooks, as well as 450 five star reviews, can be seen on

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