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Baby Bio® has been feeding Britain’s houseplants for 70 year, providing a range of products to help plants produce greener leaves, brighter blooms and strong roots. Having expanded its range with the launch a new Baby Bio® Organic Houseplant Food this season, joining its extensive range of feeds for orchids, citrus plants, herbs, cacti and bonsai, plus leaf care products and houseplant insecticides, Baby Bio® offers proud plant parents everything they need to keep their houseplants looking beautiful this spring! 

NEW Baby Bio® Organic Houseplant Food Brand new this season, Baby Bio’s  Organic Houseplant Food offers a seaweed infused natural houseplant fertiliser which contains all of the key nutrients to stimulate growth and keep houseplants healthy, organically. Its high potassium value promotes healthy blooms and more flowering whilst helping to build natural disease resistance and hardiness. Nitrogen also encourages healthy foliage development whilst added seaweed aids stronger roots and plant growth. Suitable for all houseplant varieties. OF&G certified. Available in 175ml bottles. RRP £4.49 Baby Bio® Orchid Food Orchids are fast becoming one of the UK’s favourite houseplants as they are a very popular gift for many occasions and they bring an elegant element to every home. Orchids were always seen as difficult to look after, but in reality a little care and attention are enough to keep them healthy and thriving. Although they don’t require a lot of food, just like us, Orchids do need regular feeding for bright blooms and healthy leaves. Because they have very specific nutritional requirements, the best way to feed your Orchid is by regularly using an Orchid fertiliser. Baby Bio® Orchid Food has the perfect mix of nutrients that your Orchid needs to stay healthy and it’s ideal for use during the growing season to help promote vibrant flowers and healthy leaves. RRP £3.49 Baby Bio® Citrus Food Although citrus plants require a bit more care and attention than other houseplants, their tasty fruits, shiny dark green leaves and beautifully scented flowers will make your effort worthwhile. One of the challenges about growing citrus trees outside their natural climate is that they have to be grown indoors during winter and outdoors in summertime, often requiring different feed in each season. Baby Bio® Citrus Food will help you tackle this challenge, as its unique, well balanced feed is perfect for use all year round, helping to keep your citrus plants strong and healthy regardless the season. Baby Bio® Citrus Food is the perfect feed for all types of citrus plants, as it is rich in potassium and contains the trace elements required for healthy plants, good flower and fruit production. Available in 175ml bottles. RRP £4.15 Baby Bio® Herb Food There’s nothing like the taste of fresh herbs added to your dishes! If you have a free spot in your kitchen with at least several hours of sunshine a day, growing your own herbs will turn out to be an incredibly rewarding experience. If you’re concerned of the effort involved in growing your own herbs, rest assured that it is not difficult at all. Other than light and water, your herbs will only require feeding every couple of weeks with a balanced fertiliser while the plants are actively growing. Baby Bio® Herb Food is just right for what you need – its perfect balance of nutrients encourages strong, healthy growth and promotes good taste and aroma for all home-grown herbs. Available in 175ml bottles. RRP £4.15   Baby Bio® Houseplant Food The original and iconic Baby Bio® Houseplant Food, which has been feeding Britain’s houseplant for 70 years! Over time, the nutrients that are found in soil and compost are gradually exhausted as the plant absorbs all of its goodness. Using a plant food regularly will replace the lost nutrients, allowing the plant to continuously thrive. With a formulation containing three major nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium – the Baby Bio® Houseplant Food encourages vibrant colours and the growth of beautiful blooms, healthy, bright green leaves and stronger roots on all houseplant varieties. Available in 175ml bottles. RRP £3.49       Baby Bio® Cactus Food Cactus and succulent plants are a great addition to any home, coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours! Baby Bio® Cactus Food is the ideal feed for your cacti and succulents, aiding healthy growth and flowering, the feed also helps to build stronger spines for your plants. It can be used on a range of plants including Mammillaria, Sempervivum, Aloe, Christmas cacti & many more. Available in 175ml bottles. RRP £4.15               Baby Bio® Bonsai Food Symbolising harmony and peace, Bonsai trees are created through an ancient Japanese art form where they are grown and cultivated indoors, in small pots and containers, representing larger trees on a much smaller scale. As specialist plants, they require the right care and nutrition in and Baby Bio® Bonsai Food helps to provide balanced and steady growth in order for the plant to become strong. It can be used on outdoor and indoor Bonsai plants, such as Acer, Juniper, Chinese & Elm to name a few.  Available in 175ml bottles. RRP £4.15      


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