Turfed areas that housing developers frequently describe a ‘gardens’ are often little more than lightly camouflaged building sites full of bricks and mortar, thinly covered with heavily compacted, anaerobic sub-soil.

These gardens can be water sodden marshes in winter and have surfaces as hard as concrete in the summer, thanks to being compressed by the loving touches of diggers, delivery lorries and dumper trucks – and then destroyed by a mix of heavy rains and baking heat.

On completion of a house sale, most ‘gardens’ are ‘decorated’ with a thin skin of topsoil below which roots and plants struggle to penetrate.

Mechanically rotavating the soil is costly and physically very demanding and does little more than ‘smashing up’ the top 2-4 inches of soil.  The deeper ‘problem’ areas remain untouched.

Help is at hand with a scientifically proven new pelleted product that will, over 12-24 months, turn such a virtually sterile zone into a fertile and healthy garden capable of supporting lawns, trees, shrubs and bulbs.

Activearth is a British product from Bio8 that is a probiotic, organic soil fertility activator that transforms biologically dormant and compacted soil into an active, fibrous and nutrient rich alternative.  It offers a totally unique approach to soil improvement.

Bio8’s managing director, Andrew Hiron, explains: “It acts like a spark plug for soil, switching on and boosting the natural elements present in the soil and helping it recover.  The soil is reenergised by encouraging earthworms and bugs by over 50%, breaking down clay-based soils to humus/loam for easier cultivation. A 24% increase in earthworm galleries/tunnels provides improved drainage in winter and access to water at deeper levels in summer.

“It is ideal for new build ‘gardens’. The pellets are scattered on the surface on lawns and borders and watered in and will, after an autumn and spring treatment, start the process of turning it into a rich, fertile garden, without the massive physical and financial cost of having to dig up the newly laid lawn.”


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