Nemaslug – why a planned programme is the best way to protect your crops

Beneficial nematodes are becoming ubiquitous with organic growing, providing protection from a wide range of pests. Nemaslug is BASF’s bestselling nematode product, but what exactly are nematodes, and how is best to use them?

Nematodes are microscopic organisms, or worms, that are naturally occurring in the soil. Each nematode species has a specific target, meaning it will attack its prey, and only its prey. BASF has the only specialist nematode production facility in Britain, and the team works hard to produce nematodes that will help UK gardeners to protect their crops. The BASF team, based in Littlehampton, creates creating the exact environment to help grow them. They are then packaged up, refrigerated, and delivered straight to your door.

Applying nematodes couldn’t be easier – you simply mix the solution with water and either apply from a watering can with a coarse rose or sprayed onto the foliage and soil, depending on the variety.

Once they have been applied through watering, the nematodes contained in Nemaslug will attack slugs by entering natural body openings. The infected pests will stop feeding soon after, and will then die. They do not stop there. The nematodes reproduce inside the dead pests and will release this new generation of hungry nematodes, which disperse to hunt down further prey. As nematodes are able to travel through the soil, to where the newly hatched and young slugs dwell, they are able to attack them before they are even in sight, unlike slug pellets. When nematodes can no longer find a host pest, they will die back to their original numbers.

During the peak slug season of March – October, applying a regular regime of Nemaslug every six weeks is recommended to be the most effective way to keep slugs at bay, as this will ensure that nematode levels remain high in the soil.

All Nemasys products can be ordered online, with an entire season’s worth being ordered and sent out as and when needed, so you can sit back, safe in the knowledge that your pest control is taken care of.

To find out more about how nematodes work, take a look at this short video –

For further information please visit and follow basf_nemasys_uk on Instagram.


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