Despite packed campsites and busy roads, new research has found that an overwhelming number of us are planning to holiday in our homes and gardens rather than at tourist destinations across the UK.

The research by Aurora for Forest Garden, the UK’s largest supplier of wooden sheds & fencing, found that, overall, 78 percent of people questioned were planning on spending their holiday time enjoying their own outdoor spaces.

The Northern Irish were keenest on this literal interpretation of a staycation, with 87 per cent planning to remain at home: eighty one per cent of respondents in the West Midlands and 83 per cent in both the North West and North East underlined this trend.

Guy Grainger, CEO of Worcestershire-based Forest Garden Ltd, said: “The staggering number of people planning staycations was a complete surprise. It’s our hope that all these people vacationing at home will produce a bumper August of sales which will help the garden sector recover.”

The survey also found that:

  • During lockdown, a quarter of men have been spending up to three hours more per day in their gardens than they normally would, adding up to a potential 300 extra hours of gardening during lockdown.
  • Lockdown may have been the seedbed for a whole new generation of gardeners. Thirty-five per cent of 16-25-year-olds have been spending time gardening.
  • When asked why they had been gardening during lockdown, 43 per cent of respondents noted that it had helped their mental health.  In fact, 52 per cent of young adult men (16-34) noted that this was a primary motivator.
  • The Northern Irish were amongst the most health conscious, with over half (51%) stating that they gardened for fitness.
  • The 55+ age group were most interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables (31%), especially those in the South West (41%).
  • Thirty-five per cent of respondents with children at home had embraced gardening as a family activity during lockdown.


Guy Grainger, left, is CEO of Forest Garden, which commissioned the survey.  Erin Pope says gardening has helped her stay grounded during lockdown.


Guy commented that Forest Garden’s best-selling lines during lockdown had included raised beds & planters, small greenhouses, fence panels and trellis. A strong seller has been their double slatted fence panel, suitable for a very contemporary garden design.

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