Natural wedding send-off ideas

The eco-friendly wedding trend is here, with more and more couples opting to reduce waste and increase organic elements in their special day. This movement is transforming some popular wedding traditions such as the wedding send-off.


While traditionally confetti has been thrown as couples make their grand exit from the ceremony or reception, eco-conscious couples are ditching this potential environmental hazard in favor of more natural elements. 


Using organic materials such as leaves and dried flower petals is growing in popularity. Typically, these natural send-off alternatives also tend to be venue-approved, since impact and cleanup are minimal. 


Here are some of our favorite natural wedding send-off ideas. Be sure to scroll to the bottom for some visual inspiration from Zola


Fall foliage: Take advantage of the fall foliage if you are getting married during autumn. The beautiful jewel toned leaves will look beautiful as your guests toss them into the air. You can easily collect leaves yourself if you are in an area that sees the fall leaves change. 

Lavender: This French-inspired exit lets your guests say bon voyage with the lovely scent of lavender. You can hand out natural polish lavender that is biodegradable. Make sure the containers you keep the lavender in are also eco-friendly. We love this idea for shabby chic weddings, chateau-inspired ceremonies, and more. 


Dried flowers: Give yourself a DIY project in the weeks and months leading up to your special day. Dry out your favorite flowers for your guests to toss in the air like confetti. This send-off beats a normal send-off in terms of sustainability since you are reusing petals that don’t need water to stay alive. This toss creates a whimsical and picture-perfect exit full of creative colors and petal shapes.  


Olive leaves: If you want to add some greenery into your send-off display, opt for an olive leaf toss. This exit strategy is rich in tradition, as it is seen as a symbolic gesture of victory and peace in the Mediteranean. 

Discover more send-off suggestions for your special day by checking out this complete list of 36 wedding send-off ideas.

Natural Send-Off Ideas

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