Bosch Home and Garden recommends products ahead of National Gardening Week

national gardening week

To celebrate this year’s National Gardening Week, taking place from 30th April to 6th May, Bosch Home and Garden has compiled a selection of its top products to help make light work of multiple gardening tasks and your gardening needs.


EasyPrune – power-assisted secateurs

Finalist in this year’s RHS Garden Product of the Year at Chelsea Flower Show



Thanks to power-assist technology, Bosch’s EasyPrune cordless secateurs (RRP £85.00) deliver a ground-breaking performance, making pruning really easy. The power-assist function only kicks in when resistance is sensed and the handles are actively squeezed together as they would be with conventional secateurs. This technology enables clean and precise cuts through branches of up to 25mm, ensuring a neat finish and reducing the chance of any infection being introduced. Weighing just 490 grams, the EasyPrune can be held comfortably in one hand.


EasyCut 12 – a cordless NanoBlade saw


The EasyCut 12 (RRP £139.99), an all-purpose compact and cordless NanoBlade saw, was a finalist at 2017’s prestigious RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year competition, and was recognised as one of the most exciting and innovative gardening products of the year.  

The EasyCut 12 can cut through wood of up to 65mm thick with ultimate precision. This is really important when pruning and maintaining the garden. The cut is so clean and effortless, it reduces the risk of disease or infection entering the plant. The tool runs with minimal vibration, turning those pruning chores into a real pleasure. 

The NanoBlade has a self-tensioning chain, requiring no oil lubrication, so it really is maintenance free. The unique NanoBlade technology; a tiny saw blade with a revolving micro-chain, boasts 44 teeth for a 65mm wood cutting depth and 30mm for plastic.


UniversalHedgePole 18 – a cordless hedge pole cutter 

The UniversalHedgePole 18 (RRP £190) is perfect for trimming young shoots and small to medium branches on tall hedges such as conifers, privets, beeches or yew trees without the need for grabbing a ladder.

The UniversalHedgePole 18, allows for impressive reach as it can be adjusted to 2.6m in length, has a 43-centimetre blade and its head can be pivoted around 135 degrees, offering even more flexibility. 

The tool also features the unique to Bosch anti-blocking system which guarantees a continuous cutting performance even for thicker branches: If the tool fails to cut through a branch at the first attempt, it will try three times to continue cutting through. If it fails again, the anti-blocking system will go into reverse, opens up the teeth and allows the user to remove the tool from the branch. 


UniversalChainPole 18 – a cordless pole pruner


The UniversalChainPole 18 prunes hard-to-reach branches up to 150 millimetres in diameter. Its head can be pivoted around by up to 120 degrees. Its length is adjustable and the tool measures from 2.0 to 2.6 meters from the patented tip protector to the handle. This means that users can prune tree tops or thin out branches at different heights without damaging the tree. 

With a chain speed of four metres per second and a chain length of 20 centimetres, the pruner offers a powerful and continuous cutting performance. The tip protector enables safe and comfortable guidance of the tool when undercutting by gripping the branch to ensure it doesn’t slide off. 


AdvancedRotak 750 – a corded lawnmower

The new generation tools, including the AdvancedRotak 750 (RRP £299.99), are the quietest high-performance lawnmowers Bosch has ever made, all thanks to Bosch ProSilence technology. The smooth sound profile of the Bosch ProSilence prevents your lawnmower from disrupting your garden’s tranquillity by reducing its sound power level by up to 75% to 89 dB, while delivering an excellent finish.

With its new Ergoslide system, the AdvancedRotak 750 means the user can mow with less effort but maximum control. The Bosch Ergoflex handles allow you to manoeuvre your Rotak with ease and achieve your task quickly while being kinder to your back. The new HOC (height-of-cut) system makes changing the cutting height of your mower easier than ever. A simple one button operation changes the height of cut from 20 to 80mm in 7 easy steps.


UniversalRotak 550 – a corded lawnmower


Featuring a PowerDrive Motor to produce exceptional cutting in all conditions, the UniversalRotak 550 (RRP £229.99) is Bosch Home and Garden’s latest corded lawnmower. The Ergoflex handles allow for increased comfort and control when mowing the lawn and feature ergonomically shaped grip zones with softgrip surfaces. It fits perfectly in the hand and offers great flexibility. Be it one-handed or two, left-handed or right, horizontally or vertically – the lawnmower can be controlled from a total of eight different positions.

The foldable grass box, which can be fitted in a matter of seconds, and an extremely easy-to-use cutting-height adjustment, are also new. Instead of a gear lever on the side, you simply press the red button next to the readily accessible handle on the lawnmower. If you then pull the handle, the cutting height automatically locks into place – easily and conveniently.



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