National Allotment Week with The Posh Shed Company

Allotment gardening has never been more popular, providing a sense of community, escapism and of course, a place to grow plants and vegetables for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

In celebration of National Allotment Week, 12-18th August 2019, The Posh Shed Company is highlighting a storage solution designed specifically for ‘allotmenteers’. The Allotment Store is both compact and multifunctional to ensure it maximises growing space.

Standing at just under 5ft, the Allotment Store won’t steal light from your plot but is tall enough to store tools such as spades and forks with space left for pots, compost and other allotment essentials. The Store is fully waterproof and is secured with a five-lever lock.

The reinforced, load bearing roof is what makes this store truly unique. It is positioned at a five-degree angle and includes a waterproof membrane with a stainless steel edge, creating a growing space for shallow rooted plants and edibles directly on the roof or in grow bag. The built-on guttering and downpipe provides excellent drainage.

Available in a compact 3 x 3 or a larger 6 x 3, the Allotment Store is part of the Posh Shed Company’s Back Door Store range, which includes compact storage options for allotments, logs, bins and hobbies.

Each size comes with a portable bench/step, which is ideal for taking a break, admiring your hard work and enjoying the tranquillity of the allotment or having a cuppa with your neighbour.

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Specification/pricing/more information

3 x 3 – £1,245 + £250 delivery and installation

6 x 3 – £1,555 + £250 delivery and installation

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