National Allotment Week – Biological allotment pest control

Keeping pests under control on the allotment can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t able to visit the plot on a daily basis.

For allotment holders who are keen to steer clear from harsh chemicals to beat bugs, nematodes are the perfect answer. These naturally occurring microscopic worms will deal with a number of troublesome pests quickly and biologically.

Nemasys is highlighting its Biological Fruit and Veg Protection as the ultimate allotment pest control solution during National Allotment Week (12th – 18th August 2019). The multifunctional formula provides control against pests including carrot and cabbage root fly, cutworms, onion fly, sciarid fly, caterpillars, gooseberry sawfly, thrips, shorefly and codling moth, therefore gardeners can use just one product to protect a wide range of edibles grown on the allotment and not a single chemical is needed.

The formula contains a mixture of nematode species, each targeting a different range of pests, which means gardeners simply need to adjust the way the product is applied depending on the species of pest, for example the formula needs to be mixed with water and sprayed directly on the affected plants to treat caterpillars, sawfly and thrips and for sciarid, shore fly and cutworms watered directly into the soil following drenching.


Gardeners should check the application notes for temperature information and take the temperature of the soil thermometer before application. Nemasys nematodes are compatible with organic garden and will not harm earthworths or other beneficial insects.

Slugs remain the nation’s chief pest and Nemaslug, watered directly into the soil from a watering can or hose feed, deals with these slimey critters both on the surface, and more importantly in summer weather, in the soil.

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