Mr Fothergill’s RSPB Range Has Been Expanded and Refreshed in 2018

Mr Fothergill’s RSPB Range

Mr Fothergill’s RSPB range of seeds endorsed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), launched in 2014, has now been added to Mr Fothergill’s main seed collection and extended to 27 varieties.

 The RSPB, the country’s largest nature conservation charity, is inspiring everyone to give nature a home and help protect British wildlife. All varieties in the range are a valuable source of pollen for pollinators or a great source of food for birds. Among the most distinctive are the hummingbird hawk-moth’s favourite Valerian, Verbena bonariensis loved by butterflies, bees and birds and Teasel with its spiky seed heads that are a valuable food source for birds.

Mr Fothergill’s RSPB Range

Mr Fothergill’s RSPB Range

Mr Fothergill’s is delighted to announce that it raised £29,360 for the charity, since the first year of the partnership in 2014. Seed supplied is enough for gardeners to have created approximately 73.6 hectares of wildlife welcoming gardens. An area equivalent to one third of the RSPB’s Sandy Nature Reserve – The Lodge. It means, hundreds of bees, butterflies and birds found safe haven in colourful gardens grown with Mr Fothergill’s seeds and RSPB expertise.

Besides single packets Mr Fothergill’s offers three different flowers mixes endorsed by RSPB experts, containing 20g of wildflower seed. There is one for birds, one for bees and one for pollinators and beneficial insects. Cartons of seeds are available separately at RRP £5.99.


This range will be featured in all RSPB shops. 27 varieties will be presented on hotspot stands with dedicated point of sale that cannot be missed in store. You can help and contribute to wildlife protection by buying RSPB seeds which are available in garden centres and other retail outlets stocking Mr Fothergill’s Seeds at RRP from £1.75 or
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