Most popular business names for florists

Aster and Rose are the most registered business names relating to flowers in the UK

Almost two-thirds of adults in the United Kingdom visit a garden centre at least once a year

National Gardening Week 2022 gets underway on May 2nd, to raise awareness of gardening and horticulture and encourage more people to participate in healthy and beneficial outdoor gardening activities.

The garden and florist industry has been experiencing substantial expansion. Lockdowns have driven us to appreciate our outside spaces more than we ever imagined as both hobbyists and those looking to turn their passion into a business. A report has found that almost two-thirds of adults in the United Kingdom visit a garden centre at least once a year.

With summer around the corner, it’s a great time for new business in the florist/gardening industry. For owners picking a unique name for their company can seem challenging, with numerous factors being considered before finalising their brand name. Card payments providers takepayments limited have analysed thousands of business names registered on the Companies House website in their annual Business Names Index to reveal common themes and trends within UK business names over the past 40 years. Here are some of the most popular flowers part of a registered business name in the UK.

Most popular business flower names for:

1.Aster 13,473

Their beauty and fragrance make them powerfully evocative, and 4,252 businesses have harnessed that flower power with botanically inspired names. With its simple star quality, only the aster beats most people’s favourite bloom, the rose. In addition, nature has inspired a further selection of businesses.

Most popular business nature inspired names:

1.Ice 30,0051

Tips for picking a name for your gardening/florist business

1. Define your business in a sentence: Start by defining in one sentence what you want your target audience to think about your company, product or service when they visualise your brand. Only after that can you evaluate how different names fit that image.

2. There are two kinds of names: (1) neutral names that have no or minor associations (e.g. most abbreviations), and (2) descriptive names that have strong associations linked to them (e.g. names with Green in them). By choosing a neutral name, you can create all associations from scratch. By choosing a descriptive name, you can harness existing associations to work for you.

3. Feels like all good names are already in use? You can try using prefixes and suffixes to create unique characters out of rather ordinary words: try colours, category terms or positive adjectives (e.g.) or even particles and prepositions.

4. Your business name is the most prominent advertising media your company will ever have. It’s the most repeated term related to your brand, beyond taglines, slogans, campaign copies or landing page headers. Even with logos, names get repeated much more as they can be written and said aloud. So take your time to choose the right one. (And yes, you can let AI generate thousands of potential names for you, but please don’t’ let it decide which one to use).

5. Before falling in love with your new name, do the sanity check: available domains (.com is not a must – you can grow big enough to buy it without having it), google search results (make sure it has no negative connotations), trademarks (better not cause harmful legal issues in your target markets) and say-it-aloud-test (repeat the word multiple times aloud in different sentences and see how easily others can spell it right after hearing it).

Sandra Rowley at takepayments Limited said: “Choosing a business name is one of the most challenging decisions for a new business owner as your character has to resonate with your brand identity and connect with your customers.

Our research reveals the trends and themes within business names to help steer and inspire new business owners to decide on their business names. From colours to animals and surnames, a business name must be relevant to your brand identity and is something that may require more time, thought and research than expected.”

A full breakdown of the Business Names Index findings is available here.

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