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Moss-clearing tools for your lawn from Wolf-Garten

Get your garden ready for winter by clearing the lawn of moss, thatch, and fallen leaves. As part of the multi-change® range from Wolf-Garten, these versatile tools will help to tidy the lawn to encourage new growth and prevent unwanted leaf mould.

Multi-change® Moss Removal Rake
RRP £42.99

This useful Moss Removal Rake efficiently clears moss and thatch from your lawn. Combining backwards facing teeth, and an easy back and forth swing motion, this tool is specially designed to ‘bite’ into the lawn when pulled, and glide over the lawn when pushed. This is ideal for removing moss while not damaging the lawn underneath. As part of the multi-change® range, attach this head to your choice of lightweight handles for ultimate ease of use and comfort.

Multi-change® Roller Moss Removal Rake
RRP £69.99

This Roller Moss Removal Rake incorporates wheels either side of the rake for maximum manoeuvrability with minimum effort. The detachable multi-change® head has been specially designed to swing back and forth, creating a ‘glide’ motion when pushed over the lawn, and a ‘bite’ when pulled over the lawn.

Multi-change® Lawn Rake
RRP £39.99

Ideal for raking fallen leaves or grass cuttings from large areas, this lawn rake has a unique curved fan shape and wide raking span. Made of flexible spring steal, the tines will move around stones and gravel rather than catching and dragging them along. The tines are designed to glide across the grass without digging in, preventing damage to the lawn.

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