Modern bird feeder with a sloping roof

Modern bird feeder with a sloping roof

A sloping roof and generous openings characterize this puristic feeding place for birds. In terms of design, this birdhouse is based on the classic VH-6 with a slate roof, which has been part of the permanent collections of CAIRO, Ikarus and ProIdee for many years. But slate does not always match the existing ambience, the architecture of the house. Perhaps your own roof is covered with red tiles or the existing wall color does not match the dark anthracite of the slate. In such a case, the new VH-7 feeding station is the right choice. Made from just one piece of stainless steel, it delights lovers of modern design with its straight lines. A self-locking round rod made of beech wood serves as a landing aid.
The birdhouse rests on a 1.5 meter high stainless steel rod so that cats do not have a chance of an additional snack. If you like it higher (the rod is about 20 cm in the ground), there are rod extensions, if you want to set up the feeding station on a terrace, you can use one of the different feet, whether luxuriously made of stainless steel or something more simple made of gray or anthracite-colored concrete .


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