Memories Of The Chelsea Flower Show

Us Brits are so proud of hosting the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show each year, and with the Platinum Jubilee following on so closely there is a double reason to celebrate in 2022!  Due to our exhibit last September, we have been unable to prepare for the May show as in the past.  However, all this excitement has whipped the Burpee Europe team into a Chelsea frenzy and prompted them to reminisce about shows gone by, and the plant of the year finalists and award winning gardens in which many of these varieties were displayed.

Who remembers the ‘Cha Cha Chive’?  A saucy little number, which flirted with us all immeasurably at Chelsea in 2014 on the Diamond Jubilee Award winning “Fifty Golden Years of Bloom in the South West” garden, designed by Jon Wheatley.  ‘Cha Cha Chive’ was a finalist in the Plant Of The Year Awards. 

Also in 2014, Burpee’s wonderfully seductive Sunflower ‘Ms Mars’ was a finalist in the RHS Plant Of The Year.

And who can forget the gorgeous, Gold Medal winning ‘Edible Haven’ garden complete with Hobbit House of 2017, from Pennard Plants . This showed off Burpee’s new tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to perfection, launching Cucumber ‘Merlin’ for the first time and producing another Plant Of The Year finalist in Pepper ‘Popti’. 

Pennards ‘The Writer’s Retreat’ garden of 2018, was inspired by the books of Mark Diacono of Otter Farmand displayed many varieties from Burpee Europe including more finalists from the Plant Of The Years Award, with Pepper ‘Lemon Dream’ and Tomato ‘Shimmer’. 

Last year was the tomatotastic, piece de la resistance!  The Gold Medal winning garden from Pennard Plants was based around the ‘Ten Tomatoes That Changed The World’ by William Alexander.  It explained why and how the humble Love Apple became the most popular vegetable in the world, having entered our diets in every guise from sandwiches and salads to spaghetti, pizza, and ketchup.  The varieties shown by Burpee were immense and including Tomatoes ‘Burlesque’, ‘Merrygold’, ‘Nagina’, ‘Big Boy’ and ‘Veranda Red’, as well as new Aubergines, Chillies and Okra ‘Bhut Bhindi’ which became one of the stars of the show!

The connection between Burpee Europe and Chelsea has been deep and joyful and long may it continue!

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