• Newspaper posted an update 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    @agrigemltd Hi Agrigem,

    thanks for joining the Local Gardener NEWSPAPER. Just to let you know you can upload your own posts via your account page. Members’ posts appear on the front page of the paper under ‘features’. It’s free! You can also have your own shop on the Local Gardener NEWSPAPER. Just add a product on your account menu and we will set up a shop for you within 24hrs. Once you add a product we set up the shop for the following day when you will see your shop and product appear on your page. The product will also appear on the ‘shop’ page. Once the shop is live further products go live when you load them. The products can be linked to any url for example an amazon page or your own website shop product page. Its free

    Regards Leslie

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