Maximum flower power all summer long

Geraniums are the absolute classic among flowering bedding and balcony plants, the perfect choice for window boxes, hanging baskets, containers and flower beds in sunny locations thanks to their long flowering period and a variety of colours and shapes that is hard to beat.
Geraniums can withstand periods of heat – even temporary drought – and are largely resistant to plant diseases and pests. Geranium care is so straightforward that even gardening novices can enjoy this blooming beauty. 

The wild forms of our modern geraniums originate from the Cape region in South Africa and modern cultivated varieties also love the sun. The more sun they get, the more at home they feel and the more flowers they produce. But geraniums can also thrive in partial shade. When planting, make sure they have plenty of room to grow. Planters mustn’t be shallower than 18cm deep and there should be a minimum distance of 20cm between plants.
In order to remain healthy, hardy and producing new flowers over many months, they need plenty of nutrients. That is why they are geraniums are known as ‘heavy feeders’. If you plant them in pre-fertilised potting compost, they can usually cover their needs in the first few weeks completely from the nutrients they have on hand. If you use a slow-release fertiliser, this can be the case for several months. At some point, however, the nutrients will be exhausted, so additional fertilising becomes necessary. The composition of special geranium fertiliser is perfectly adapted to the needs of this balcony beauty. A good, natural geranium fertiliser is coffee grounds, as these contain just the right mix of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen to provide all the nutrients geraniums need for optimal growth. To ensure an even supply of nutrients, we recommend weekly applications of fertiliser. As the season draws to a close in Sept/Oct, the plants no longer need additional nutrients.

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