Nick Barban walks around the world with Hayter mower

Nick Barban

Trusted by householders and skilled contractors across the united kingdom, Hayter mowers are famed for their quality and dependability.

Where skilled landscapers are involved, a Hayter lawn mower is used day in and day out on a range of turfs from tiny gardens to massive estates, achieving outstanding results. Nick Barban of lawn & Border is a RHS-qualified landscape gardener, largely dealing in business estates, and has been operating Hayter merchandise since his business began back in 2002.

This May, Barban can reach a landmark milestone – mowing the circumference of the world along with his Hayter lawnmower. employing a step measuring device, he was able to calculate his average pace of 3mph then calculate the figures assuming a five-day operating week, throughout ten months of mowing each year. By the finish of this spring, Barban can have mowed sum of 24,900 miles, that is comparable to the circumference of the world.

Barban initially started operating as a landscape gardener sixteen years ago, and began by employing a second-hand Harrier forty eight. He commented: “I’ve always trusted Hayter mowers thanks to their durability and quality of cut. I’m presently using a Harrier forty eight professional and I was quite astonished to find out what quantity of grass I’ve mowed over the years. I actually have to mention that the Hayter Harrier range has been the best selection for my work.”

Sourcing Hayter merchandise from his local dealer in Purley, Cornell and Varley, Barban has opted for the Harrier forty eight  throughout the years thanks to the dimensions and efficiency.

“The forty eight is large enough to take care of the larger lawns, however not too massive to take care of the smaller lawns wherever access may be limited. this can be good for the nature of my work as landscapes tend to vary in both size and terrain. The lawn mower additionally fits neatly within my van.”

Christopher Cooper, product marketing manager at Hayter said: “We wish to congratulate Nick on his efforts and it’s fantastic to observe how enthusiastic he is concerning his work. We’re delighted to find that Nick has continually chosen Hayter as his preferred mower work with and that we wish him all the best with his business for the future.”

After achieving his milestone goal of mowing around the world, Barban hopes to upgrade to the latest Harrier forty eight professional.



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