Lighting ideas for your garden

During the day, rain or shine, a garden is naturally stunning. It’s vibrant verdants, a painter’s palette of brilliant flowers, and of course the gorgeous earth tones of woods, stone, soil and grasses. However, when the sun fades, this picturesque vision often fades with it. In order to make the most of your garden, you’ll need to invest in some lighting to ensure you can appreciate the hard work you’ve put into it. To ignite your inspiration, here are some great ways you can use lights in your garden.
Highlighting special plants or features

We all have that special plant, artwork, water feature, or little veggie patch we’re particularly proud of. Using lights to highlight your salient features is a great way to breathe life into your garden at night and offer a new perspective on your layout. If you’re worried about cables, then you can look at the wide ranges of solar lights that are available, however these are often lower glow and can be quite fickle. Due to this, it may be an inexpensive way to test your ideas and positioning, but you’ll likely want to organise a stronger light source when you’ve found the right design. One of the best options is having the lights inside your garden wall. With cables running through the wall itself there’s no clutter and you’re able to easily control the positioning and warmth of the light.
Creating an oasis

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in a resort in Asia, there’s no doubt that their beautiful gardens and the combination of fire and lights create an awe inspiring atmosphere. Re-creating this at home is easy. Most hardware or landscape shops have a range of garden torches that emit a controlled flame, like a candle, which is easy to light and displays a brilliant diffuse glow throughout your garden. Setting up assorted candles in jars and other containers is a little more hard work but worth the effort when you see the result. This is a fantastic option for entertaining and the calming glow is sure to make your guests feel right at home.

You can find a wide variety of lanterns at antique shops, hardware stores, and homeware outlets. While the oil lanterns are a brilliant flashback, the most common are ornamental cages for a candle. In order to use lanterns effectively, consider hanging them safely in trees, dotting them around the garden and using a variety of shapes and sizes to create the most magical display.
Fairy lights

Fairy lights don’t always have to wrapped around a christmas tree. Using these strategically can create a tapestry of star like shine throughout your garden. Many types of fairy lights are available with interconnectors to add more or less length super easily. This is a great way to experiment and then grow as you work out what’s going to work for you. Wrapping them around trees and sturdy plants is a great way to highlight the bigger items in your garden, while intertwining them in lattice, fences and walls is a perfect way to add a soft glow to large portion of your garden.
Festoon lights

A favourite of many a rooftop or waterside bar, festoon lights offer a larger and brighter version of rope lights like fairy lights. They’re great used as bordering lights, connecting between large trees, or around balconies and patios that sit alongside your garden beds. Festoon lights can be pricey, particularly in comparison to fairy lights but are well worth it to give your garden a real party feel.


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