LifestyleGarden® and ScanCom raise the bar for sustainability as first consignment of DuraOcean® arrives in the UK

The first container of DuraOcean® from LifestyleGarden®, the ground-breaking new outdoor furniture made from nets, ropes and plastic waste recovered from the world’s oceans, has arrived in the UK. It marks the culmination of a global operation spearheaded by parent company ScanCom International that has set a new benchmark for sustainable furniture and transformed an ambitious concept into a revolutionary product that is taking the market by storm.


With each DuraOcean® chair made from 3.5kg of recovered ocean plastic, the first container alone represents a total of 1,925kg of former marine waste that has been converted into robust and stylish outdoor furniture. The result of a significant period of research and development combined with pioneering technology, every box of DuraOcean® ready for delivery represents LifestyleGarden® and ScanCom’s commitment to the highest levels of environmental and social responsibility.


With the DuraOcean® story making headlines and LifestyleGarden® snapping-up orders from garden centres, restaurants, cruise ship operators and numerous sectors across the lifestyle, leisure and hospitality industries, DuraOcean® is playing a pivotal role in spreading the word about ScanCom’s world-wide commitment to sustainable and ethical business – bringing the company’s commitment to ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ to a new and wider audience.


Protecting the planet

The ground-breaking partnership between LifestyleGarden® and the Eden Project, which will see LifestyleGarden®’s new ranges for 2020 carry Eden Project branding, is a further example of how organisations driven by a commitment to sustainability can work together to bring about genuine change. While protecting the planet for future generations is in LifestyleGarden®’s DNA, the brand’s ambitions are underpinned by ScanCom’s global commitment to putting environmental responsibility at the forefront of every aspect of the business.


But what does ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ actually mean? ScanCom’s global operation ensures that every aspect of the business is consistently scrutinized to minimise its footprint on the environment. Since its foundation in 1995, the company has evolved to span the globe, with more than 3,000 employees, and manufacturing sites in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam – as well as sales offices in Denmark, Germany, UK, Spain, USA, Hong Kong and Vietnam.


To maintain the highest standards, ScanCom controls its supply chain using 100% internal production, with all materials for LifestyleGarden® products made in-house, guaranteeing quality, consistency and sustainability. This means that only FSC-certified timber that has been grown in responsibly managed plantations in Brazil and Indonesia, or recycled teak sourced on the island of Java, is selected for LifestyleGarden®’s products. ScanCom was a pioneer of using 100% FSC hardwood and is looking to increase its use of FSC teak.


Safeguarding natural resources

The company has an outstanding track record in respecting human and labour rights, while environmental awareness of all employees is enhanced via regular programmes of training and education, ensuring that sustainability remains at the forefront of every aspect of ScanCom’s operations. Setting and measuring environmental objectives safeguards the environment and protects natural resources, while the business is also continually taking steps to minimise waste, lower CO2 emissions and optimise its activities to reduce consumption of resources and increase recycling.


Paul Cohen, UK Sales Director at LifestyleGarden®, said: “Our commitment to ‘Doing Business the Right Way’ influences every element of our operations – from the processing of raw materials, to the way in which the final product is packaged and delivered to retailers. We are not a company that simply talks about doing things differently; we are a team that’s driven by a passionate commitment to safeguarding the environment and leaving our planet in a better state for the next generation. The DuraOcean® is playing a critical role in helping to spread the message about ScanCom’s mission – from design excellence to state-of-the-art production facilities that have brought a truly innovative product to market which will help to clean up the world’s oceans as demand continues to grow. It’s a win-win situation for ScanCom, LifestyleGarden®, retailers and the environment.”


In addition to only using FSC teak, LifestyleGarden® is a pioneer of utilising sustainable materials to craft iconic products. There’s Duraboard®, made from eucalyptus sawdust and synthetic wicker recycled from factories – an FSC-certified unique material that raises the bar for maintenance-free outdoor table tops that can last a lifetime. Petan® is a durable and weather-resistant natural-looking wicker made from raw polyethylene mixed with eco-friendly additives, meaning it’s 100% recyclable. And Duresin®, a unique formulation for outdoor furniture, contains no harmful chemicals and can be recycled without any producing waste.


Find out more

If you want to find out more about LifestyleGarden® and its premium-quality outdoor furniture, please visit the website at and follow the team on Facebook and Instagram.


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