Lechuza appoints UK’s leading specialist PR agency

Lechuza, manufacturer of unique self-watering planters suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, has appointed Paskett PR to handle its consumer and trade public relations.

Paskett PR is the UK’s leading specialist gardening and lifestyle communications agency, representing many household brands within the garden and home industries.

Created in Germany by the Brandstätter Group which also owns PLAYMOBIL, Lechuza is the expert for attractive and functional planters that offer gardeners a stylish and convenient means of watering. With a water reservoir at the bottom of each planter, the sub-irrigation system provides plants with the exact amount of water they need for optimum growth for up to 12 weeks.


These unique planters are an appealing product to a wide range of consumers as they make gardening accessible to all, whether or not they have a garden.  Their easy to use, high quality designs mean that beginners can try their hand at ‘grow your own’ with confidence, and more experienced gardeners can enjoy growing their own flowers and herbs – even fruit and vegetables!

Similarly, those living in flats or apartments, with little or no access to an outside space, can create their own indoor or balcony garden.

There is a wide variety of styles available, including the Balconissima – designed to hook over the edge of a balcony, the Yula – small, compact and great for accessorizing the home, and the Cascada – which can hold up to 13 plants, ideal for use as a herb garden or strawberry pot! Its modular design also allows users to combine up to three planters to create a tower.

Holly Daulby, Account Director at Paskett PR said: “We will be supporting Lechuza with all of its public relations activity, including new product launches, campaigns and exhibition support. We have plenty of campaigns in the pipeline already and we’re looking forward to moving this brand forward!”

Jamie Dickinson, Marketing and Display Manager at Lechuza, comments: “After hearing great things about Paskett PR as one of the industry’s leading public relations agencies, we contacted them about working together to increase the reach of our brand and introduce Lechuza to new audiences.”

For more information or to purchase a LECHUZA product visit www.lechuza.co.uk.

To find out more about Paskett PR, visit www.paskettpr.co.uk.


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