Collecting rainwater in butts is an environmentally responsible thing to do but, in the process, lots of organics and rubbish can run off roofs and guttering turning the clean, natural rainwater green, slimy, very smelly and entirely unusable in the garden.

The moss, rubbish and air-borne pollutants that fuel this transfer from clean to filthy rainwater become the food for beneficial bacteria contained in a new product that cleans up the green stew, reversing it back into its original pristine state.

Water Butt Klear from envii is a 100% organic blend of naturally occurring, probiotic bacteria.  It is in tablet form and one is dissolved in a litre of water before being added to the water butt and this treatment is each week throughout the year.   It is effective at temperatures as low as 4 degrees C.   The packaging is entirely compostable and made from 100% plant-based materials.  Each pouch has 20 tablets, sufficient to treat 4000 litres of water.

“An added advantage of Water Butt Klear is that the water itself will, after treatment, benefit the soil and plants because the remaining bacteria will biologically condition the garden.  Conventional clearing products contain disinfectants and other sanitisers that kill all bacteria, even the beneficial ones.  The water used around plants is still laden with disinfectants which continue their bacteria massacres, damaging the soil biology and composts,” says Andrew Hiron, founder and managing director of envii.

The retail price for one pouch of 20 tablets on the envii ecommerce website – – is £10.49 including UK p&p.


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