Keeping it real AND native for October! .


The Lawn Association team always promote the importance of keeping real lawns in our gardens as a way of encouraging natural biodiversity throughout the whole of the UK

Keep it real & as nature intended
Before moving on to the top tips for lawn care jobs in October. We must give a mention to keeping lawns real! It is crazy to replace a key sustainable component of our living environment with artificial grass, a coal and oil-derived product, one of only limited life span and almost impossible to recycle.
Keeping lawns real (& native) are one of the most kind and sustainable things that you can do when it comes to good and sensible lawn care!

Need to control moss? Then scarify!
Don’t wait until you see a lot of moss on your lawn, get prepared in advance and scarify! The earlier you start the better as this will offer good thatch control and make it harder for moss to take hold in the first place. Although March, April or September are the best months for this, you can use this technique in October too if it is still warm enough.

The autumn feed
If you do decide to scarify your lawn this month, apply a good balanced autumn feed afterwards. With all the debris and moss gone, new grasses will find it easier to flourish.

Which feed is best?
You should certainly avoid polymer-coated fertilisers that will poison the soil with plastic. Instead, choose something organic such as True Grass you need an organic which has been made from recycled food waste, which breaks down into useable minerals and vitamins. It also contains humic, fulvic and amino acids, as well as seaweed, mycorrhiza and an organic wetter. Sustainable, organic and rich in all the essential elements key to healthy grass and soils, organic feeds such as this are the much more sensible choice for kind lawn care.

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