Keep your Christmas tree fresh this festive season with a few drops of liquid love

Christmas trees form one of the most magical parts of the festive season, starting from selecting the perfect specimen and decorating it with the family, to surrounding it with presents and gathering around on the Big Day to open gifts.

If you opt for a real Christmas tree each year, you are probably also all too familiar with the challenges of keeping it looking fresh for the duration of the festivities.

Ideally, a Christmas tree should be watered every day, particularly during the first week, to ensure it lasts the whole season. An average tree needs approximately 200ml of water a day, and it will need even more immediately after being set up in its new home for the festive period!

Despite best efforts to water your tree and keep it looking full of life, often it can soon look less than lush, thanks to warm central heating systems and dry air in your home, resulting in dry, drooping branches and colourless needles that drop too soon.

But there is one thing you can do help extend the life of your Christmas tree right through to New Year’s Eve – just add a few drops of liquid love!

While many proud houseplant parents will know that Baby Bio® Houseplant Food works wonders on plant babies to help them produce more leaves, brighter blooms and stronger roots, it is also the perfect secret ingredient to keep your Christmas tree thriving, too.

To ensure your tree has all the nutrients it needs, simply add 5 drops of the fertiliser per litre of water, and water as usual. Packed with the perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, it will keep foliage looking lush and green, prevent needles dropping, and stop branches from becoming brittle, dry and drooping, as well as help it develop drought hardiness.

For those who are looking to have a greener Christmas this year, Baby Bio®’s new Organic Houseplant Food is the ideal natural alternative to the classic houseplant food. Certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers Association (OF&G), it is safe for pets and children, and is infused with seaweed to further extend your Christmas trees life so that you can focus on enjoying the festivities with friends and family.

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