During lockdown, the number of Brits gardening as a hobby exploded. Suttons Seeds reported sales twenty times higher than the same time in 2019. BBC TV’s Gardener’s World had its highest viewing figures for a decade.

Forest Garden has some perfect Christmas gift ideas for the green fingered – in fact, a whole new range of Grow Your Own products created just for the thousands of newly-recruited kitchen gardeners.


Grow Bag Tray Container RRP £74.99:   Truly an idea whose time has come and a perfect gift for a family member who struggles with mobility.  The  Grow Bag Tray Container from Forest Garden encloses unsightly growbags and makes the tending of your crops more accessible. It is designed around the standard 100cm long x 40cm wide grow bag system and the container features a crossbar for securing support canes. This product comes flat packed, with pressure treated wood to protect against rot and a 15-year ant-rot guarantee. Grow bag tray and grow bag not included.

Kitchen Garden Planters from £74.99:  At 29cm deep, Forest Garden’s Kitchen Planters are the perfect depth for growing herbs and salads.  Basil, chives, mint and tarragon, to name a few, thrive in shallower soils, as do lettuce, radishes, pak-choi and celery. Kitchen gardeners could even use these troughs for broccoli or spinach and fruit-lovers will find them perfect for strawberries. The planters come in two lengths – 1m and 1.8m and their height (70cm) makes it extra-easy to tend your crops.  Each planter is supplied with instructions for self-assembly and the timber used is pressure treated to protect against rot.  Forest Garden recommends lining the planter with a porous membrane before adding soil. The 1.8m planter requires 250 litres of compost and the smaller one 130 litres.

Large Timber Cold Frame – £77.99  Give the gift of extra time!  This large timber cold frame will allow annuals, perennials and some vegetable seeds that don’t require much heat to be started off nice and early in the spring. Plus, it can add weeks onto your growing season in the autumn. The unit measures 38(h) x 109(w) and 63(d)cm and is made of pressure treated timber.

Caledonian Tiered Raised bed – £121.99  Create a colourful display of fruit, vegetables or flowers in this tiered raised bed – a perfect gift for someone keen to grow their own but without enough space for a vegetable patch. The planter can hold 250L of compost and the frame comes pre-notched so is quick and easy to assemble. Remember to line the trough with a permeable membrane if you are using it to grow food. 

Grow Bag Tray Container 60(h) x 115(w) x 55(cm). £74.99

Small Kitchen Planter 70(h) x 100(w) x 70(d)cm. Planting depth is 29cm.  £74.99

Large Kitchen Planter 70(h) x 180(w) x 70(d)cm. Planting depth is 29cm. £119.99

Large Timber Cold Frame 38(h) x 109(w) and 63(d)cm £77.99

Caledonian Tiered Raised bed 56(h) x 90(w) x 90(d)cm £121.99

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  1. Yes, I have been thinking about growing my own. not sure to sell but to give, and to have but I live in central NC, normally they grow them in the months

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