It may be the holiday season but slugs don’t take a vacation

As soon as the sun comes out and the soil warms up, the majority of garden slugs disappear underground.   You may well be going on holiday but don’t be fooled by their apparent absence.  They are not at the beach but doing their slimy best to destroy your garden from below.

Conventional surface treating slug pellets have absolutely no affect on these sub-soil terminators as they don’t need to come up.   Instead, the most efficient way to treat them is with nematodes.

Nemaslug, the UK’s number one nematode slug treatment, will penetrate into the soil where it releases quite literally hundreds of thousands of microscopic worm like creatures that will seek out the slugs and kill them.  They die underground leaving no unsightly slime trails or decaying corpses.


Nematodes occur naturally in garden soil and the Nemaslug simply boosts the population to help clear the slugs.  They are harmless to birds, pets and children and cause no damage if they find their way into the water course.

When the slug population is returned to manageable levels the excess number of nematodes simply die off leaving a conventional population.   Nemaslug is delivered either by watering can or with a hose-end mixer unit.



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