It is time to consider artificial grass as a viable alternative to a natural lawn!

wonderlawn install artificial grass

It might seem a crazy thought, but replacing your natural lawn with fake grass could save you time, money and be better for the environment.

Lets look at what goes in to creating a perfect natural lawn. As the BBC’s Alan Titchmarsh states “turf culture is something of a dark art”, he breaks down the perfect lawn as:

Choose the correct seed mix for your garden, light conditions and then sow “Seed is best sown either in April/May or in September.”

Prepare your ground work “Ground preparation needs to be forked over, raked level, trampled firm and raked again.”

Remove any weeds “Any thick-rooted weeds need to be dug out.”

Lawn care over time “Unless you are an organic gardener this will involve applying a weedkiller and fertiliser dressing in spring and again in autumn, as well as a mosskiller.”

And finally mowing “Above all, mow regularly: once a week between April and September. Once a fortnight is not enough to thicken up the grass. Oh, and the stripes? You’ll need a rear roller.”

So it seems like natural lawn upkeep is a lot of work, including buying seed & fertilizer, ground preparation, weed & moss removal or pesticide use, then weekly mowing.

Fake grass

wonderlawn install artificial grassNow lets look at artificial grass installations: I know what you’re thinking, how can a plastic lawn benefit my garden?

Well look at time savings alone. Once your artificial lawn is installed, you can wash it down with a hose every few months (less if it’s rained), then pull out any leaves or twigs that have landed on it, and that’s it.

You’ve instantly gone form weeks of prep work, to a monthly stroll around your garden picking up twigs. This leaves you free to enjoy your garden, or concentrate on more rewarding aspects of gardening.

But doesn’t it look fake? The luminous scratchy lawns of 10 years ago are long gone. Well, they do still exist, but mainly in low budget DIY solutions. Any modern professionally installed artificial lawn will look and feel real.

Is artificial grass bad for the environment?

This is a good and important question. As gardeners, we’re looking for that balance between nature and man and it may seem like throwing away a large surface area of green is a bad thing, but often it’s not.

You’re no longer putting pesticides and fertiliser in to the earth, potentially effecting the local insect population. You’re no longer wasting water with sprinklers on for long lengths of time. You can save water if you’re restricted by hosepipe bans to use elsewhere on your garden. You’re now longer using petrol or electrically powered motors. You’re saving time so you can concentrate on plants that support bees, birds and other wildlife.

And here’s the big one, modern grass like Wonderlawn’s Superior artificial lawn is recyclable!

It’s made of Polyethylene fibres and is Latex backed which can be recycled.

Your choice?

wonderlawn install artificial grassSo it’s up to you. Are you a busy parent? A working family? Someone who wants to garden but doesn’t have the time to look after their lawn? Or just someone who wants to spend more time in the garden, without the fuss of dirt, mud and upkeep…

If so then maybe an artificial grass lawn is for you.


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