Interpet unveils new Plant Food & Plant CO2 for aquarium owners

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AQUARIUM owners can now use a new liquid Plant Food and Plant CO2 together daily – alongside their feeding routine – to improve the growth and health of their aquarium plants (2021).

Interpet has launched these two products so aquarium plants receive the right nutrients to enable them to flourish without nitrates and phosphates, encouraging optimum plant growth without stimulating algae too.

Adrian Exell, Development and Marketing Manager at Interpet, which is the UK’s leading pet and aquatics company, says: “Just like fish, plants need the right food to live, grow and be healthy. And, just as houseplants need CO2, so too do aquatic plants. Aquarium plants often lack the nutrients they need in an artificial aquarium environment, so require a helping hand.

“Our Plant Food contains the right nutrients without nitrates and phosphates for aquarium plants to flourish. It ensures optimum plant growth without stimulating algae too, so the aquarium water won’t go green. Meanwhile, alongside the correct lighting, our Plant CO2 completes photosynthesis requirements. We would encourage regular use of both to boost and maintain healthy aquarium plants. They’re easy to use, aquarium owners can simply treat each morning at the same time as they feed their fish. We recommend people use them together for optimal plant growth and strength.

“Use one pump per 20 litres of water daily of each, easy dose, liquid formula treatment. The Plant Food will not permanently discolour the water if the instructions on the pack are followed and people use our online Dosage Calculator for exact dosing requirements: Interpet – Dosage calculator.” 

The benefits of Interpet’s new liquid Plant Food and Plant CO2 are that they:

  • Promote lush, green plant growth
  • Do not encourage algae
  • One pump treats 20 litres when used daily
  • Are most effective when used together
  • Are for use in cold water and tropical freshwater aquariums only
  • Are harmless to filters and all species of fish, shrimp, invertebrates, and plants.

Both products are available in 125ml containers and would treat a 60-litre aquarium for three months when used as recommended. They are priced as follows:

  • Interpet Plant Food 125ml – SSP £5.99
  • Interpet Plant CO2 Liquid Spray 125ml – SSP £5.99

Adrian adds: “These products are designed to improve plant health and to help with aquarium maintenance. They have been created to ensure people have an attractive aquarium with lush, healthy, Instagrammable aquascaping to show-off and be proud of.”

For further trade information or to become a stockist, please email, visit Interpet’s trade website Intersell or contact your Interpet Area Sales Manager.

Interpet is supporting the launch of its Plant Food and Plant CO2 products, and its new Interpet Eco-Max LED lighting range, also being launched this month, with comprehensive social media including videos and competitions.

To find out more about the Plant Food and Plant CO2, please visit Interpet – Grow luscious, green aquarium plants | Interpet Liquid Plant Food or Interpet – Grow luscious, healthy aquarium plants | Interpet Liquid Plant CO2.

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