Interpet targets hi-tech home accessories market with aquariums that bring the natural world closer

A LEADING UK indoor aquatics brand is targeting homeowners and renters keen to have the latest ‘must-have’ hi-tech home accessories while also bringing something wild into their living space.

Interpet says its Tri-Spec 2 Aquarium with its bright LED light, newly updated App and Bluetooth Controller, is a multi-purpose, furniture-piece and a method of bringing the natural world closer.

Adrian Exell, Development and Marketing Manager at Interpet, says: “Our aquariums complement any home décor with their neutral black finish, classic lines and shape and would look equally at home in a minimalist, urban loft apartment as well as a classic country cottage.

“The Tri-Spec 2 Max Output LED light included in the kit is one of the brightest on the market, bringing out the best in the colours of your aquarium. The intense light and balanced spectrum are ideal for coral and very light-demanding plant species.

“It is perfect for those wishing to recreate a lush river biotope or looking to grow a stunning reef. Plus, the newly updated Tri-Spec 2 App and Bluetooth Controller allow you to set a custom lighting schedule, to finely tune the light spectrum and enjoy some cool lighting effects.

“Gentle sunrise and sunset light transitions recreate a more natural environment and apart from looking stunning, cause less stress to fish, making them healthier and happier. The lightning storm effect can help trigger fishes’ natural spawning behaviour by mimicking the storm season in the tropics.”

The Tri-Spec 2 Aquariums are designed with flexibility in mind and are ideal for both freshwater and saltwater set-ups.


There are two variations to the Tri-Spec 2 Aquariums:


  • Customisable – which come with aquarium, cabinet, Tri-Spec 2 light and a New aquarium start up kit
  • Fully loaded – which come with aquarium, cabinet, Tri-Spec 2 light, New aquarium start up kit, Tri-Spec 2 Bluetooth controller, EF canister filter, Deltatherm heater

“The Fully Loaded kits are perfect for anyone who wishes to have a big new tank but doesn’t want to spend a lot of extra money on upgrades. The Tri-Spec 2’s ‘Fully Loaded Kits’ come with everything you’d need to set up your ideal aquarium too.”

The Tri-Spec 2 Aquarium comes in four sizes, with the following SSPs for the Customisable and Fully Loaded versions:


170L (cube) – SSP £399.99/£529.99



166L – SSP £369.99/£479.99


210L – SSP £479.99/£579.99


250L – SSP £549.99/£659.99


The Tri-Spec 2 Aquarium is on display and available now from all good aquatic specialists, stores and garden centres with aquatic departments nationwide, as well as via online retailers.


Interpet Ltd is an indoor aquatics brand with more than 65 years of experience in fish keeping.


Covering all areas of the aquatics market, Interpet’s aim is to educate and support fish keepers, and to encourage the enjoyment of fish keeping at all experience levels.


It offers one of the largest pet and aquatic ranges in the UK, including products from the Interpet, Blagdon, Kent Marine, Mikki, Nylabone, PetLove, Kaytee, Four Paws and Interpet Publishing brands.


To order, or for more information, please email, contact your Interpet sales manager or visit


You can also visit the Interpet trade ordering website where there’s instant access to more than 1,300 products, as well as special offers, and all the Interpet brands.

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