Increase productivity and reduce stress with houseplants

As temporary home offices start to feel a little more permanent, it’s more important than ever before to make your work-from-home space feel inviting. In fact, it can affect your mental health and productivity.

“Many people have invested in monitors, ergonomic chairs and office essentials. They’ve got the proper equipment but haven’t thought about making their home workspace enjoyable to be in”, says Lynette from, an online marketplace for independent and local plant sellers. “One easy and affordable way to bring your workspace to life is to incorporate houseplants”.

And with more time being spent at home, there’s a clear appetite for home décor and home improvement with over a third (36%) of Britons purchasing DIY essentials, plants, furniture or home furnishings during lockdown according to Visa.

Aside from making your work-from-home space more visually appealing, incorporating natural elements such as greenery and sunlight can raise your productivity by 6% according to a study by Human Spaces. Some houseplants also have the added benefit of being air purifying. That means they’ll also help remove toxins and improve air quality.

“It’s important to pick the right plant for you and your space”, says Lynette. “You need to consider the level of sunlight your room receives, size of your space, and how much time you are willing to invest in your plant Here are some of the top plants we recommend to reinvigorate your space:

1. Small spaces: a small cacti or succulent is the perfect size to pop on your desk or windowsill

2. Empty shelves: try a trailing plant like a Pilea Greysy. This will immediately brighten up your room and add more dimension

3. Large spaces: add a splash of colour with a tall Kentia palm or moss pole monstera plant. This will elevate any space from drab to fab instantly.

4. Air purification: if working from home is getting a bit stale try devil’s ivy or a peace lily. These plants have both been found to remove pollutants from the air.

5. Low maintenance: if you’re a serial plant-killer, or looking for something that thrives on neglect then try a hardy ZZ plant or snake plant.

You can view HeyPlant’s full working-from-home collection here:

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