Incorporating houseplants into our homes this January latest podcast.

In episode 21, New year, new plants, podcast host, Louise Midgley, and Senior Houseplant Buyer, Claire Bishop, explore the best plants for each room of the home, with suggestions on plant types and positioning for maximum benefit.

Claire reveals which plants are most at home in the bathroom, living room and home office, alongside advice on adding life to smaller spaces such as shelves and windowsills. Monsteras and Orchids are frequently discussed, with Claire saying; “Orchids are one of my favourites. They’re easy to look after, come in so many different colours and look beautiful in any space”. Claire then goes on to provide key tips for ensuring you care for your plants correctly in the winter and get the most out of them for new growth come spring.

Louise and Claire address the beneficial impact that houseplants can have on our mental health. Claire believes that anything we can nurture and care for successfully can boost our mood. Learning to care for a plant is a process that’s also discussed, from moving it to ensure it is happy in its spot, to the reward of a new leaf or flower, people with plants in their homes can find a real sense of achievement.

The podcast concludes by outlining predicted trends for 2022, including the continuation of foliage such as Calatheas, which come in a variety of striking textures and tones and are proven air purifiers, as well as the increased popularity of flowering plants that add a welcomed pop of colour against green leaves. Colour is also discussed in relation to the Pantone Colour of the Year 2022, Very Peri, with Claire providing her top suggestions of houseplants that complement this tone of purple, such as Aechmea blue rain and Streptocarpus.

Head over to Spotify or iTunes to listen to the podcasts and get more hints and tips on how to incorporate houseplants into your home. Browse all Dobbies podcast episodes here.

Image :Alocasia macrorrhiza £99.99; Opuntia vulgaris £29.99; Epipremnum aureum from £12.99;

Monstera deliciosa £19.99; Pteris mix £6.99; Dypsis Lutescens £89.99; Olivine Reactive Glaze Planter £19.99; Eno pot £7.99; Sapphire glaze pot from £10.99.

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