IBEA Flail Mowers :Get to the bottom of tall grass, brush, thistles and weeds.

IBEA Flail Mowers

Tall grass, brush, thistles and weeds? IBEA Flail Mowers will get the job done!
Ibea Flail Mowers with 16” tractor wheel transmission make short work of heavy duty brush, tall overgrown grass, thistles and saplings plus they are easy to use due to uncomplicated design and controls.
For steep slopes or banking applications a crawler tracked transmission option is available. They have a range of Honda commercial engines from 5.5hp to 14 hp giving you the choice of power necessary.

IBEA Flail Mowers
Models start at 60cm (24”) wide with 32 blades up to 85cm (34”) with 48 blades and keen prices from £1607.88+ vat up to £3917.75+ vat there is a model for most applications and budgets.
Vibration damped, easily adjustable handle bars that not only adjust height but also swing to the side allowing safe cutting under trees, along fence lines, it also comes with a built-in rotor brake for added safety for the user.

For more information call Hannah on 01342 870242 or email sales@autoculture.co.uk or visit www.ibeauk.co.uk.


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