Hozelock have a bee in their bonnet about helping Britain’s bees!

With the help of Bizzi, their friendly mascot, Hozelock are running a campaign to encourage you to plant bee friendly plants to help save Britain’s bees.
Honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate* and Hozelock’s campaign is a call to action for gardeners nationwide to play their part – to benefit both the environment and food supplies, now and for generations to come. It is estimated that a staggering one third of all food is bee and insect pollination dependant* including coffee, chocolate and many fruits and vegetables.

From March 2018, visit www.plantapot.info and pledge to #plantapot for Bizzi, to be in with the chance of winning over £5,000 worth of prizes – including a holiday to the 13 Bees hotel in France as well as tickets to the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show! Hozelock are also donating over £20,000 to the Flowers for Bees charity to help them achieve their goal of protecting bees through their research, development, training and education programmes.
One of the biggest factors in the decline of bees is the lack of food for them nationwide. By planting a container for bees with bee-friendly plants and seeds, and keeping it watered and healthy throughout the foraging season, you can have a huge impact on the availability of bee food throughout the year. No matter the size or location of the garden – from a small urban balcony to hanging baskets – gardeners play a key role in helping Britain’s pollinators.


Hozelock want to make it loud and clear to gardeners nationwide that their actions can make a huge impact.
With everything from Easy Drip automatic watering kits and Superhoze expanding hoses to the Pure collection – which provides a greener alternative to using chemicals – Hozelock has everything you’ll need to look after your garden and help nurture the wildlife who visit it.


*source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/zg4dwmn


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