How To Host an elegant Garden Party

As the warmer weather just about manages to hold on, there are few activities more pleasurable than hosting a garden soirée for friends and family. Luxury furniture designer, Oxenwood, agrees that there is no greater pleasure in life than gathering around a table to share in good food and make special memories.

Recognised as a key player in the luxury furniture market, Wiltshire based Oxenwood is known for its timeless pieces of semi-bespoke furniture that reflect a commitment to quality and will stand the test of time.

As experts in outdoor furniture design, Oxenwood has offered five top tips for hosting an afternoon occasion that your guests will be talking about for years to come, from sprucing up tablescapes, to creating an enchanting ambience.

1.     Create a beautiful tablescape

Designing a beautiful tablescape with all the trimmings will create a striking backdrop for any garden party. Impress guests with an array of delicious food and an elegant tablecloth, married with your finest tableware, linen napkins and sparkling glasses. To further enhance your dining experience, add an arrangement of fresh flowers, ideally cut from your garden – they’ll not only add a burst of colour but the fragrance will last long into the evening.  

2.     Quality outdoor furniture

A durable, timeless table will be the focal point of your garden and bring joy for years to come. Oxenwood’s oversized tables mean that every guest can sit comfortably as the day fades into the evening. Belgian bluestone is a favourite among Oxenwood’s customers, lending reliability and resilience to the tabletops – as well as creating a visual spectacle in your garden. Oxenwood furniture is made by the very best expert craftsmen, with every aspect of the furniture being thought through and curated with love and care.

 3.    Take the cooking outdoors

When hosting a dinner party, we’re often so busy in the kitchen that we miss precious time with our guests. Oxenwood’s newly launched outdoor kitchen brings you into the heart of the conversation, as you prepare flavoursome food. Cooking outdoors will add a unique touch to your garden party, releasing mouthwatering aromas into the air and tantalizing guests. Oxenwood’s outdoor kitchens are crafted with the very best materials for luxurious outdoor dining, using a solid premium grade oak and Belgian bluestone to match the character of outdoor tables and furniture.

4.    Create ambience with atmospheric lighting

As you drift into the evening, delicate lighting will amplify the ambience. Solar powered candles and fairy lights automatically twinkle as the sky darkens and will look beautiful strung up in the branches of trees and intertwined through archways. A roaring fire pit will keep your guests warm and cosy long past sundown, while hurricane lamps and pillar candles will add a stylish glow to your tablescape.

5.     Prepare for the weather

We all know that English weather can be unpredictable, so it’s best to have a backup plan in case things take a turn for the worse. Position your table under a pergola to provide shelter, intertwined with beautiful climbers that you can train to grow across it. A set of your finest weighted glassware and linen napkins will not only exude elegance but also stay put if the wind picks up

For inspiration about how you can create a beautiful outdoor space for all occasions, from lavish garden parties to casual alfresco dining, visit the Oxenwood website. Browse their exquisite range of furniture at


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