How a Professional Conducts Lawn Mowing: The Optimal Way to Mow a Lawn

Is your messy-looking lawn stopping you from enjoying it? Do you wish you could mow your lawn, but maybe don’t know how to do so?

I can’t blame you if this is the case and I wouldn’t be surprised. Going through all of those how-to’s can get tedious especially when trying to decide what height a person should cut their grass at or just figuring out which equipment they need like leaf blowers or weed whackers! Don’t worry about finding these things yourself because we have some great tips that will make having a nice looking yard as easy breezy for anybody who wants one. Let me show them to you…

Lawn Mowing Like A Professional

Picture this: you’re confidently heading straight to your shed, getting your lawn mower ready, and telling yourself ‘I got this.’ That’s you on a mission my friend.

When it comes to gardening or lawn care tips I like to cut through the noise by making things simple and fun because hey, you wanted a garden in the first place so that is what we are here for right? To have some good old fashioned fun! There’s no sense in going all out with planting grass only then make taking care of them feel like an arduous chore.

We’ve rounded up our professional lawn mowing techniques from our lawn maintenance service experts so you know the best way to maintain your yard.

In this article, we trimmed out the fat and busted some of those pesky common myths about how often one should cut their grass! We did all that for you here on because it’s a tough job only somebody who truly knows what they’re doing can explain.

Professional Tip #1: Water Your Lawn Well, But Make Sure You Let It Dry

Lawns need a lot of things to grow well and be beautiful. They will not get enough water from their roots unless the watering is deep, but it needs to happen less frequently than every day or so, as this can cause lawn fungus that prevents growth. To help your grass stay healthy on hot days we recommend you take a core sample; if there are dry patches in the soil then they may still be thirsty.

Mowing wet grass can be damaging for your lawn. The most important thing is to make sure that the blades are dry before you start mowing, and if not possible wait until morning to avoid high heat in the afternoon hours.

Pro Tip #2: Wear The Appropriate Safety Equipment

It’s important to wear the proper personal protective equipment before you start mowing. Your lawnmower has sharp blades that can easily cut your foot, but with a pair of gloves and boots without laces on-hand, this is less likely to happen! You also want ear plugs for deafening noise protection and safety goggles or face shield if there are grass clippings present so it won’t fly into your eyes.

Pro Tip #3: Utilise The Correct Lawn Mower For Your Lawn

The first step in choosing the best lawn mower for your needs is to consider what you will be cutting. Your grass type, size of area and terrain should all be taken into consideration when picking out which machine might work best for you. For example, a smaller hand-held electric mower can usually handle small areas that are flat or have light obstacles such as rocks while wide mouth gas powered machines excel at larger lots with rough surfaces like hills. If you’re looking to cover more ground quickly without having any trouble navigating around trees or other obstructions then a ride on manual tractor may just do the trick!

Pro Tip #4: Mow Your Grass Nice And Tall

Mowing your lawn too short is like having a bad haircut. Not a good look, plus you’ll have to deal with the excruciating wait time for it to grow out. Just no! If you mow tall instead, this will give your lawn plenty of nutrients and healthy growth towards its goal – an attractive garden.

For many grass types, it is advisable to mow your lawn at 3 inches and above so that your green can take in nutrients sufficiently. This will give you a beautiful deep green color and luscious look worthy of magazine cover material.

If you’re still unsure about the length, don’t cut more than ⅓ of blade height as advised by our professional lawn mowing service!

Pro Tip #5: Mow Your Lawn In Different Directions Once Per Week

Depending on your grass’ growth rate, it’s usually recommended to mow once a week in different directions. Mowing patterns should alternate and change from vertical to horizontal or diagonal every time you cut the lawn so that all of the blades will grow straight instead of bending towards one direction only. Changing up these patterns helps give your turf develop greater density per area which results is more grass blades within each yard space, creating a thicker and fuller looking lawn without having to spend as much money on expensive fertilizers for upkeep.

Pro Tip #6: Sharpen Your Mower Blades

If you find yourself out of blade oil, it’s time to sharpen your blades. My recommendation is that after every 4 mows for a standard-sized lawn–you should sharpen the blades on your mower before they become too dull and destroy your grass with their nicks and gnarls. Without sharpened edges, not only does this make maintaining our yards feel like a chore but also makes them unhealthy by making them susceptible to tearing from bluntness in quickly causing damage which could be easily prevented if we were more diligent about taking care of these tools!

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