The ninth instalment of our tips for growing your gardening business focuses on the power of Facebook marketing and how it is one of the most flexible platforms to increase awareness of your gardening business.

As the owner of Jackson Garden Services, a Plymouth-based gardening and landscaping company, I have successfully grown my gardening business and gained a strong client base in the process using a combination of direct and indirect marketing (both online and offline). Since I started the company in 2018, we’ve gone from being a small, fledgling business to a successful and popular company with a small team and strong client base due to a combined approach of working hard, being great at what we do and having a successful and useful approach to marketing the business.

Social media channels such as Facebook can often be overlooked as a form of advertising. Still, in my experience, it offers a great way to get your gardening services in front of the right people.


Facebook Marketing:

Setting up.

The first port of call for using Facebook for your business is to create a dedicated page. Whilst you may have customers contacting you on your personal account in the past, it’s a must to create a business page.

Once you have created your gardening business page, it is important to optimise it by getting the right information on it and making it look professional. Optimising a page should consist of the following steps:

  • Ensure you include your company logo as a profile image.
  • Select a cover image of your work that you are proud to have pride of place on your page.
  • Personalise your vanity URL to make it unique and memorable.
  • Fully complete your profile, ensuring that everything such as about us, services, & contact information is filled in.
  • Sprinkle in as many keywords as you can across your page. You don’t have to be a master of search engine optimisation to have a clear idea of what gardening services you offer that people will be searching for.
  • Optimise your call-to-action button. The large button at the top of your Facebook page can be changed to allow visitors to click through to your website, call you, sign up for your mailing list and much more. The best option to use is to add a link to your gardening website if you have one.
  • Enable reviews so that past gardening clients can give feedback and reassurance to others of your offerings.



Facebook makes it easy for potential gardening clients to contact you to ask questions about services or availability using its built-in messenger system. As a gardener like myself, you will be out and about, so ensuring that you have the messenger app installed on your phone is paramount. Being able to reply to any business enquiries quickly can mean the difference in getting a project, especially where another business is one simple click away. You can even set up an autoresponder that can inform the message sender that you have received the message and will reply as soon as possible.



No matter what optimisation you carry out, you will need to update your page regularly with posts. This not only shows that you are active and devoted to offering something in return for people liking your page but used properly, can encourage customers to contact you. Some tips on posting include:

  • Ask questions to try and engage visitors to comment and feel part of your page.
  • Post before and after shots of your gardening work, new tools, or past work images with introductions.
  • Post any reviews or testimonials that you receive; this enforces the quality of your craft.
  • Post short instructional gardening videos with tips. The longer people view your page, the more likely they are to enlist your services. Videos also allow you to put across your persona and give customers an insight into you as a gardener.
  • Create a content calendar with ideas for posts. A content calendar is a great way to create relevant posts, allowing you to tie in things such as public events or holidays with your gardening services. How about a post about roses for Valentine’s day, or an Easter-themed gardening post? By having a calendar, you can create these posts in advance and schedule them with ease.

I will cover more advanced Facebook features for gardeners in the future, including boosting posts to audiences in certain areas, setting up services tabs, and more. In the meantime, you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn; I’m always happy to chat!

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