Grow your own in 2022 with elho

The grow-your-own revolution continues to surge in popularity, with more people learning to explore the beauty of nature through home growing.

Sustainable plant pot producer elho is passionate about helping people make room for nature in their homes and gardens, and its green basics collection of growing solutions can help make home growing an even more enjoyable experience. With a range of products for all spaces, large and small, there is the perfect solution for everyone to help nurture their planting schemes.

Grow your own from the table 

For those with smaller gardens or even balconies, the green basics growing table is great for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables, with the portable growing garden – available in 75cm and 77cm – designed for even the smallest of spaces. Its design includes small holes at the bottom of its hollow legs to allow excess water to be drained, to ensure plants get the right amount of water to grow.

The green basics grow house also protects sprouting fruit and vegetables from insects, pests, birds and even the harsh sunlight, helping them to stay in top condition. Thanks to its temperature and air supply regulation, this product keeps the environment inside the grow house perfect for growing throughout the seasons.

Pots for every space

There’s nothing quite like the taste of a home grown tomato or potato, and for those starting out on their veggie-growing adventure, the green basics tomato pot and potato pot offer a practical and convenient way to grow them.

The tomato pot comes equipped with a built-in rack so the plant can grow in height, while the potato pot has a basic pot fitted within the outer pot which allows gardeners to keep track of how their root vegetables are growing. Simply plant the seeds and lift up the inner pot to watch the potatoes develop and grow.

Both pots are designed with a built-in water reservoir which creates an efficient way of caring for the plants, providing them with as much water as they need.

Stackable solutions 

elho has extended its green basics collection with smart, stackable crates that are perfect for home-growing. The crates can be stacked horizontally or vertically – a game-changer for growers with limited outdoor space.

Thanks to the large openings on either side of the crates, plants can get enough light and oxygen whilst the product’s drainage holes eliminate excess water, helping promote optimum growth. The stack and grow crates are available in two shades, leaf green and living black.

The all-in-one growing solution

The green basics veggie wall is the perfect all-in-one growing solution that allows a collection of plants to be grown at once. With a 125cm trellis that optimises vertical growth and a thin, rectangular design, the veggie wall is the perfect addition to any outdoor space, giving urban gardeners the chance to enjoy a flourish of homegrown produce.

Plus, with a 10-litre water reservoir, the plants can be left without having to worry about under or over-watering, as the pot will supply them with as much water as they need.

With elho’s practical and smart solutions, it has never been easier to grow your own produce at home.

As with all elho products, the green basics range is 100% recyclable and made with 85% recycled plastic, beautifully combining sustainability and innovation.

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