Grow Your Gardening Business– Reviews, Testimonials and Case Studies

In the third instalment of how to grow your gardening business, we’re focusing on the importance of reviews, testimonials and case studies and the impact they can have on your business and in building consumer trust.

As the owner of Jackson Garden Services, a Plymouth-based gardening and landscaping company, I have successfully grown my gardening business and gained a strong client base in the process using a combination of direct and indirect marketing (both online and offline). Since I started the company in 2018, we’ve gone from being a small, fledgeling business to a successful and popular company with a small team and strong client base, due to a combined approach of working hard, being great at what we do and having a successful and useful approach to marketing the business.

Gaining customer reviews and testimonials as well as writing longer-form case studies have proved invaluable to me in growing my business online. This month, I’m sharing some tips on what’s worked for me, so you can take my advice and use it to benefit your business.

Reviews, Testimonials & Case Studies

Reviews can make or break a business, as almost 90% of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a business. If your business has barely any reviews on Google, Facebook or other online platforms, this not only rings credibility alarm bells but also means that traffic isn’t being driven to your website or helping to spread your brand’s name to a wider audience.

Reviews can be hard to gain, so there’s no harm in asking your clients to leave you a review when you’ve completed the job – which is what I typically do. The easiest way to do this is to ask in person when you’re checking the client is happy with the end result, but you can also add links to leave reviews on your Google My Business and Facebook pages in your email signature, so when you send an invoice, a quote or response to a customer, the option to leave a review is conveniently placed.

It’s also essential to have plenty of reviews on your website, in addition to lengthier testimonials and case studies. Testimonials act like a long-form review, letting customers go into more detail about their experience with your business. They’re particularly useful if you’ve done work for a large business or organisation, as a testimonial from another company is worth its weight in gold. If consumers trust that company, then their trust in your company is boosted too.

Case studies are typically written from the businesses point of view and are a great way to communicate the complexities, learnings and outcomes of a project. This kind of content is a valuable addition to your website and helps to boost your businesses reputation by helping to build trust in your services and brand.

Check back next month for our next instalment, looking at ways to determine what the right online marketing techniques for your business are. In the meantime, you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In; I’m always happy to chat!

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